Ripped Apart-ON HOLD

Lily's Mum and Dad have just divorced. Lily love's living with her Dad, but frets visiting her Mum. Her Mum lives with Louise, Lilys younger sister, who is Little Miss Perfect and banned from seeing dad. All the girls at School bully her - except Kailia. When her sister is diagnosed with Cancer, can Lily raise enough money to save the whole family from falling apart completely?


9. Too expensive!

I am getting ready to go on holiday! Well, not a holiday holiday, but a trip to somewhere thats still in the UK. I suggested Gibraltar but dad laughed and shook his head, laughing. Most suggestions were either too expensive, somewhere both us didn't really want to visit or just plain impossible. Dad told Nana he had a secret place in mind but I don't really believe him (especially since he has had me looking at maps of the UK for roughly 2 hours and told me to pick out a place I like). Oh well.

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