Ripped Apart-ON HOLD

Lily's Mum and Dad have just divorced. Lily love's living with her Dad, but frets visiting her Mum. Her Mum lives with Louise, Lilys younger sister, who is Little Miss Perfect and banned from seeing dad. All the girls at School bully her - except Kailia. When her sister is diagnosed with Cancer, can Lily raise enough money to save the whole family from falling apart completely?


5. The 'Hotel'.

I look up from my phone when the engine suddenly stops. Dad grins.

'' Whats going on? '' I ask.

'' We're here! '' He answers cheerfully.

'' Um, where's here? ''

'' The hotel, silly. I told you earlier, didn't I? Look around you. ''

'' Daaaad! This is not a hotel. This is Grandma's. ''

'' Well, I kind of fixed it up over the phone. I explained to her and she said we could drop in for a cuppa and a hug. That's kind of the same. ''

'' It is not the same. C'mon, Dad, lets just drive back home. Mum's probably forgot about it anyway. ''

'' Yeah, more like sent Louise off to Nana's, forgot about me and is kissing someone else lips. Get up Lily. I don't want to get angry again and I'm sorry to you because of it, but if you don't get out now I'll get angry again. Please. ''

'' F-iiine. But we aren't staying here for the night, right? ''

'' Right and wrong. Let's go, kiddio, '' he says and knocks on the door, smarting himself up a bit. 


 I have no choice but to follow.

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