Ripped Apart-ON HOLD

Lily's Mum and Dad have just divorced. Lily love's living with her Dad, but frets visiting her Mum. Her Mum lives with Louise, Lilys younger sister, who is Little Miss Perfect and banned from seeing dad. All the girls at School bully her - except Kailia. When her sister is diagnosed with Cancer, can Lily raise enough money to save the whole family from falling apart completely?


2. Jimmy Choo.

I sit reluctantly at the empty, isolated seat at the back after almost being trampled alive. It is isolated mostly because I sit here almost everyday. I like being on my own, though. Peace and quiet is definatly my sort of thing.  It's only horrid sometimes because I have no-one to talk to when I feel down. I feel down and alone almost every second of my life

Mollie and her little gaggle of friends will arrive at the next stop and ruin my day. The bus doors open and she pushes her way in, having to be first. Of course. Keep your head down Lily. Keep it down. Keep it down. Too late. She looks at me, disgusted, like I'm a splat of dog poo she found on the bottom of her Jimmy Choo flip flops. She keeps her icy blue eye on me as she whispers something to her friends. They all giggle and glare at me, sitting at the front, gossiping, spreading untrue rumours, applying lipgloss and paying the nerds to do their homework. Kailia's head quickly turns round and she gives me a sad smile, but her head turns back again to Mollie, who is telling a boy to push off because he dosen't live in a mansion as elaborate than hers, and dumps her 'friend' because she gives her a party invite that is 'tacky'. I catch a glimpse of it and personally, I think it's really nice.

Sometime's just don't understand Mollie.

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