Ripped Apart-ON HOLD

Lily's Mum and Dad have just divorced. Lily love's living with her Dad, but frets visiting her Mum. Her Mum lives with Louise, Lilys younger sister, who is Little Miss Perfect and banned from seeing dad. All the girls at School bully her - except Kailia. When her sister is diagnosed with Cancer, can Lily raise enough money to save the whole family from falling apart completely?


1. Bruise-body.

Bleep bleep bleep! Bleep bleep bleep! Good mornin' Lily, it's brand new daaaay, so quit layin' there in dismaaay! Blee-

I slam my hand on the stupid hot pink and black polka dot digital alarm clock bought 'with me in mind' by my mum. I sigh and stare at ceiling. Why did it have to be a monday morning? Why couldn't I be popular like Mollie? Why can't everyone be my friend? Why do have to get up? Why do we have to do maths all day today? WHY?! Sometimes I seriously think the world is out to get me.

I get up and ready. I slip on the stairs, getting rewarded with a bruise. Great. Next they'll call me bruise-body. I down my cheerios(which, incidentally DID NOT cheer me up whatsoever) and gulp my orange juice. I wipe my mouth, slip into my coat and sling my backpack on one shoulder. I check myself in the mirror. Ugly, as always. Duh. I take a deep breath and run to catch the Davis Private School's school bus which take me to a place opposite to heaven.

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