Ripped Apart-ON HOLD

Lily's Mum and Dad have just divorced. Lily love's living with her Dad, but frets visiting her Mum. Her Mum lives with Louise, Lilys younger sister, who is Little Miss Perfect and banned from seeing dad. All the girls at School bully her - except Kailia. When her sister is diagnosed with Cancer, can Lily raise enough money to save the whole family from falling apart completely?


3. 1 month later.

I flip through my magazine and stare at the impossibly beautiful teen models and glossy celebrities spread across the pages. What I would give to be them. Mum and Dad are fighting again and Louise is at a sleepover, probably showing off her new soft, fluffy pink bunny slippers. Secretly I wanted a pair of my own but I was worried Mum would think me a baby. Suddenly, the shouting stops. I hear someone trudge up the stairs. I hear a knock on the door.

'' Come in! '' I call, even though I'd like my own space right now.

Dad walks in, tears streaming down his face.

'' Pack a bag with some money, clothes, your phone, books, diarys and stuff like that Lily. Mums kicking me out because she's found someone else. I need you Lily. I need you. Please. For me. ''

'' What? Um, okay but... will I see her and Louise again? Where will we go? What about School? ''

'' For god's sake, JUST PACK A BAG! ANY BAG! NOW! '' He screams.

I am speechless. I have never seen him this angry, this sad, this scared. I nod automatically, mouth still a round o shape. I stuff random things out of random bags into my bag.

I tell Mum I love her and jump into Dads car. He drives into the darkness, and miracuously, I fall asleep...

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