Short Dream

Its a poem that exhibits the story of a girl and her painful dream.


1. Short Dream


    A short dream, In her long sleep. Late in d night she slept, Late in the morning she woke up. Between this long course, She dreamed ; Don't know good or bad. All alone in a calm place, Tears falling from her face. She was silently weeping, Someone's presence was what she was wishing. Her wish was an image that taper, And finally disappear, As it was sure to never happen. Her endeavors  to convince herself, Remained null and void, For deep inside her heart somewhere, Agony had occupied space that is vast. Her thoughts made her smile and tear, Which for her, wasn't stranger. Strange she felt was when, A shadow came marching towards her. It was a shadow of a man. He placed his hand on her head, And with a voice of pain and bliss, Blessed her. A voice she was awaiting to respond to, A voice she was longing to hear, A voice of a man, For whom she was crying so far. Tried to read his expressions, But the view of his face was dark. Before she could resolve, Few questions which weren't solved, He begin to step backwards. The area where his head existed, Were completely dry before he headed. But now it was wet. It was soaked, With his tear droplets. She tried to stop him, but... Was ever a human,for a shadow, a net?!!! He went apart with a fake laughter, Probably to make her heart lighter. This is where her dream broke, And she woke. Her dream made her smile and tear. Which for her wasn't stranger.


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