Moonlight Island

A short story that I created in an English lesson for our 'Create your own island' project :)


4. Mother wasn't the only victim

Fear spread through my veins like wild fire. There were millions of them. If not, billions. They surrounded the beach, and the island as far as I could see. There was no escape, unless you knew what to do in this kind of situation. I sprang into action. If I were to survive, I would have to get to work staright away.

Back at the huts, I found everyone lying lifelessly on the floor, apart from my older brother Luke, who stood in the centre, trembling and wobbling like jelly.

"What happened?!" I screeched.

He shrugged. "I went fishing this morning, brought back food, everyone ate and then one by one, they all collapsed!"

This didn't make any sense. Unless...

"Luke, what fish did you bring back?"

"I wasn't sure what they were, but they looked fine, so I brought them back. They looked a bit like eels, black lumpy fishes."

One deadly glance at him, the truth dawned on him too.


I also learnt that when eaten, the leeches will eat you from the inside, damaging vital organs and poisoning the blood, killing you in minutes.

But there was no time to argue or to question. We had to move fast.


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