Moonlight Island

A short story that I created in an English lesson for our 'Create your own island' project :)


5. Escaping the Island

After about an hour of hard, concentrated work, Luke and I clambered onto the homemade raft we had been working on.

"Push off the seabed with your oar, it will prepel us off." Luke ordered.

Slowly, we began to drift away from the shore. I let out a shaky sigh of relief, then burst into floods of tears.

"Hey, what's wrong?" Luke shuffled towards my side and patted my back awkwardly.

"We have no family left!" I shout to whoever can hear.

"We have each other!"

Just as I was about to reply, the raft began to creak dangerously. Luke saw me look around cautiously.

"It's okay, leeches can't eat through wood." He reassured me.

As the noises grew louder, I noticed that Luke's face had turned white, and his brow had been knitted into a look of concentration. Beads of sweat trickled down his forehead and dampened his soft, blonde hair.

"I need to do this, Annie." He stood up.

"What?" Surely he doesn't mean go back? "What do you need to do, Luke?" I asked, genuinely confused.

"This raft... it's not the best, right?" "It's fine Luke, don't worry."

"But it's not. It can't hold both of us."

I tried my hardest the swallow the lump in my throat and squeeze the butterflies in my stomach away.


"I promised mother I would protect you, so I will keep that promise." Before I could question him, he plunged deep into the leech-infested waters, to be imprisoned in the depths of the ocean, forever.

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