Moonlight Island

A short story that I created in an English lesson for our 'Create your own island' project :)


2. A surprise

I woke up on just another ordinary morning (or so I thought). Powerful sunlight leaked through the small cracks in my cosy wooden hut. Sheilding my eyes from the blazing sun, I reluctantly stumbled out of my hut and onto the dazzling white, powdery sand on the beach below. The sun's rays danced on the frothy tips of the azure blue waves and the churning ocean soaked it up gratefully. That's weird, I remember thinking. The tide seems to be a darker blue than usual... At that moment in time, I didn't think much of it. I was only 12 then, after all.

After collecting a round of nuts and deliciously juicy berries -which is my duty- I was heading back to camp, when I saw something bobbing around in the shore. I was completely oblivious to the horrors I was about to witness. I edged closer, keeping to the edge of the sand, and saw that it was a body. The water surrounding the body had flooded crimson red and startling white bone peaked through the ragged flesh. Overpowered with shock, I waded throught the water until I reached the body (or what was left of it). The auburn hair that floated around the head and the piercing green eyes confirmed my fate. It was my mother.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a terrified scream filled the salty air and whirled around my head, sounding like a pig being slaughtered. It took me a few seconds to register the fact that the scream was pouring out of MY mouth. I couldn't stop. It felt like it was taking over my body. As I was just about to burst into floods of tears, I sprang backwards and scrambled onto the sand, like a manic chicken. I was very experienced in different creatures and their threats and I instantly recognised the small living terrors that surrounded the island.

Flesh-eating leaches.

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