the legacy

samantha is thirteen. when her uncle frank passes away she finds his old diary with his will in it. but will it be for the better or the worse.


1. the story

it wa after the funneral. we had all come back to uncle franks old house for refreshments. i started walking" sam where are you going " my mom called ater me. "just going upstairs " i replied.  i climbed up the big marble stairs . i looked over my shoulder to make sure nobody was following me. i crept inside uncle franks old  office and sat down at his desk. on his desk there lay a book. it was his diary. i opened the book on the page where it was marked. in neat hand writing at the top it said MY WILL. i gulped and began to read.

before i begin i want you all to know that i love you all so issabell, lily patrick, and scott(my dad is  patrick ). i will miss you alot. so  i am leaving to you my great old house. where we shared good times and bad. it is all i ever really had.and to my in laws i give to you my golden law. you will find it inside the headboard of my bed it is carved in blood red. and to my one and only neice, i want you to find the beast. first you must find a diamond mask that is hidden under the forest. that is your task.when you have the beast captured kill it, drain its blood and drink it and you will have my my friends i want you to assist my neice in her every need. without her needing to pleed. your reward will come at the end. goodbye my dear friends. to everyone i will miss you so. i have nothing more to say so cherrio.



i froze i had no clue what to do. in ran downstairs and showed the book to my dad. he just stared at it. that evening when everyone had gone home i asked my dad" what did he mean i have to find a beast ". "look" my dad said " frank knows about this dangerous beast that lives in whirloo forest. you must drink its blood to have pure wisdom. its a bit like the salmon of knollage really "" thanks" i said  and with that i ran out the door  and down the road and took a left. there it was whirloo forest. i ran inside. i serched for a beast for hours but found nothing. finnaly i leaned up angainst a tree and must have fallen asleep because when  i woke it was morning. i looked around. there was something sparkling on the forrest floor. thats it i have to find the mask first. i walked over to the sparkle and dug around it. and sure enough it was the mask. i picked it up and it started to glow. i put it on and i could feel a tingle down my throat.i started walking for a while and i came to a lake. somthing was coming out of it. ou oh it was the beast. i am so stupid i had no weapon. the beast was now only a metre away from me. suddenly franks two friends jumped out of the tree and threw me a knife. i slit the beasts neack. he gave a final roar and fell to the ground. "well done" said one of franks friends. "thanks" i replied. we put a beast in a bag that they had brought. we dragged the beast in the bag  going back to franks. once we got there  my parents were waiting outside. i ran over and hugged them. we took out the beast and drained his blood. after i drank it. i started to cough and everybody laughed. 

twenty years later samantha goes on to being presedent of the U S A and wins a nobel prize. the end

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