It's Always Been Him

Paxia was the girl in One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful” Music Video. She’s half American and half Indonesian. She got close with the boys as they hung out, did stuffs together until she had to fly back to America to finish her school and all. Something was going on between her and one of the boys. And another one of the boys was secretly desperate of wanting her to be his. As life goes on, they learn what happens when they hide their feelings longer than they should.


2. What just happened

We were on our way to Uncle Axel’s office now. Uncle Axel was my Daddy’s favorite sibling. He’s half British and half American, just like my dad. But he had this strong British accent and big voice that can always make me smile.

The car ride was a riot. I sat next to my dad, who was driving. And Nate was at the back. I turned up the radio since One Direction’s “Na Na Na” was playing. Me and Nate love that song. Well, we’re not actually their fans but we love their songs. Me and Nate sang along – we were technically screaming, soo.. – Me and Nate screamed along to the song while my dad covered up his right ear with his right hand, and told us to stop screaming. “Kids, please! If you want to sing then sing it on key! You’re killing me!” We kept on going as our favorite part coming “We’re like NAAA NAAA NAAA. Then we’re like YEAAA YEAA YEAAA. ALWAYS LIKE NAAA NAAA NAAAA. THEN WE’RE LIKE YEAAA YEAAA YEAAA” Nate’s voice was the loudest noise in the car, his voice beat the song from the radio. But what surprised us was, dad sang along silently, almost to himself. “No we can’t make up our minds. So when we think we got it right. We’ll go hmmm hmmm hmmm.” “DADDY! WELCOME TO THE CLUB!” yelled Nate. Dad smiled and patted my shoulder. “Thank you, kids. I know my voice was amazing. Wanna know my secret?” I rolled my eyes and decided to play along so I asked him what was his “secret”. He turned the volume down, so we could hardly hear the music again. He opened his mouth to say something but he closed it again. Me and Nate was damn curious about what he was going to say. We stopped when the traffic light went red. The car was silent for few seconds as we waited for dad to say something, and he suddenly screamed “BECAUSE I SANG IT ON KEY!” We covered up our ears and shut our eyes hard. “Daaaad!” Nate and me said at the same time. My dad giggled and gave Nate a glare. “Get the message?” He winked at Nate and Nate was like “Euurghh, Daad! Yea we got it. Sing it on key, sing it on key, sing it on key. You get that, xia?!” Asked Nate as he stared at me, demanding for an answer. “Yeayea ofcourse I get it. I have to sing it on key” The rest of the car journey was the same, with all screaming and yelling and laughing and “sing it on key!”s, but different songs, ofcourse.

We finally reached uncle Axel’s office building. After I got out of the car, I realized that it was huuuuge. I stared at the building from the front door to the top of the building. Nate bumped his shoulder to mine and stood next to me while looking at the front door. “What, butt brain, never saw anything like this before? Hmm.” He shrugged, still looking at the front door and walked pass me. I glared at him and his untied shoelace caught my eyes. I stepped on it and he tripped. I giggled a bit but then I covered up my mouth. “Well, I’ve actually seen BETTER. And aww, poor little kid. Why are you on the ground? Oh, did I turn your legs to jelly because of my beauty? Woops. Sorreh.” I shrugged and walked pass him, leaving him there still on the ground. I felt his eyes on me, so I turned around without stopping and stuck my tongue out. Me and Nate are like rivals. We love each other so much, but we fight all the time. Then we got over the fight, and start a new one. Crazaay.

We all got into the elevator and dad lead us to Axel’s office. “Trevor, me bro! It’s been AGES since the last time we met!” I heard uncle Axel’s voice with it’s strong accent as i walked into his office. I looked around the room. It was big, very big. Huge windows everywhere, sofas, fancy desk, TV, minibar, and there was even a personal bathroom. This is like a 5 star hotel. Except this room has no bed. My eyes stopped at Uncle Axel, i stared at him for a while trying to find any difference from his appearance. He didn’t change much. The same height, he’s very tall, btw. His brown hair looked the same as the old times, his green eyes, and cheeky smile. He was wearing a black suit and red maroon tie. Neat! “Oh my dear lord, is that you, xia? My little pumpkin?” he stared at me from head to toe with his mouth and eyes wide opened. “Yep! Healthy and alive!” I gave him a big smile. He opened his arms for a hug. I ran to him and leaped into his arms. We both shrieked and kept ourselves in each other’s hug for more than 10sconds. I was so excited to finally meet him again! The last time I saw him was like about 4 years ago. Nate walked in and Uncle Axel gave him a huge hug, as huge as mine. “You didn’t change much, yea buddy?” Uncle Axel messed up Nate’s hair. “Yea, nothing much happened either.”

The room was in silence for few moments so I decided to break the ice “So uncle, what’s the big news?” I smiled and raised my eyebrows. “Oh, right. Sit down, kids.” Me and Nate sat down on the sofa right next to us. Uncle Axel and dad sat opposite us on two comfy armchairs and started talking. “So, how can I put this simply..” said Uncle Axel while stroking his invisible beard. “Let’s just start with this one. Umm, Nate..” He looked over at Nate and he shot a stare at Uncle Axel. “Yea?” he said as he raised his eyebrows, I could tell that he was confused. “I heard you’re a fan of Basketball. Specially Miami Heat, am I right?” Said Uncle Axel, he leaned forward clapping his hands, and looked at Nate searching for reactions. “You got that right, big bud.”

“alright, heres the thing.. I have this access to spend the whole summer with some famous basketball crews..” He paused as he pulled out an empty ID card and pretend to looked at the front and the back side of it, over and over again. “.. And this one seems to be the one from Miami Heat.” I quickly turned my head to Nate and I caught him staring at the ID card. His eyes were shining, his mouth was opened which made me think that he felt like dropping his jaw to the floor. Uncle Axel raised his left eyebrow and looked at Nate. “And well, yaknow I’m too old for basketball and those kind of sports. Hey man, I’m 48 so I guess I should give this to the ones who deserve this, yeah? Like.. Some huge fans of Miami Hea—“ He was cut off by Nate jumping out of the sofa and snapped the ID card from Uncle Axel’s hand saying “MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! MINEMINEMINEMINE! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU UNCLE AXEL OH HOW I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, WITH ALL MY HEART, MY LIFE, MY SOUL, MY EVERYTHING. YOU’RE MY ANGEL AND SAKGFHAGHFGdHDSA” He started to talk gibberish. We could hardly hear what he was saying. He was screaming and choking while his eyes were locked on the ID card, his face was red and he was gasping for air!

“But wait, where am I supposed to spend the rest of summer with them?” Asked Nate as he stopped jumping up and down. “I’m getting there, buddy.” Said Uncle Axel. I was so happy for Nate! I mean, I know dad could’ve bought him some Meet & Greet pass with Miami Heat for him but this is a huge thing. I hugged him from the side but he didn’t give a hug back, maybe he was too busy screaming at the innocent ID card. Suddenly Uncle Axel cleared his throat and looked at me for few seconds. “Now the next news is for you, Paxia.” I tensed up and started to feel nervous, knowing about what he just gave to Nate, I started to think about similar things. What if he got me a VIP ticket to see Diversity? Or The Pirates? Or the Street Dance cast? I was throwing questions to myself as I waited for uncle Axel to tell me what the hell was my news.

“Yaknow, your brother will spend the rest of Summer with Miami Heat—“

“Hellyeah!” said Nate.

“—In England.” Uncle Axel continued.

“What?! England??” I asked to myself. Nate and I stared at each other in confusion. “Wait, so I have to leave xia and dad for the whole summer?” Asked Nate. “Calm yourself down, kiddo. Sit and listen to your uncle.” Said dad. Nate sat down next to me as Uncle Axel continued talking. “It’s not a yes and it’s not a no. You’re not ‘leaving’ them. And Xia will go to England too. But yeah, your dad will stay here, I kinda need him.” I widened my eyes at Uncle Axel. What did he just say? I raised my right eyebrow and opened my mouth. The guys probably didn’t notice my face, cus they didn’t throw any comments about it. “Nate will take the early flight so he can catch up with Miami Heat, you will take the evening flight, and your dad will spend his summer with me here, helping me with my job. But there’s 1 thing Xia has do right after she lands; call this number, introduce yourself, and say you’re my niece.” He gave me a piece of paper with a random phone number on it. I received it, still trying to figure out what was actually happening. I typed down the number to my phone and asked “But who’s this? What’s the name? And why should I call them?” Uncle Axel stared at me and smiled. “Paul. Paul Higgins. He’s just a friend of mine.” Hmm, Paul Higgins. Who the hell is he?-,-

“Ya see, he’s a band’s manager and they’re looking for a specific girl to be in the band’s new music video.” Said Uncle Axel. I shot up right after I heard the words “music video”. “And I told him that you’re the girl that he was looking for. He asked for your picture, I grabbed your facebook picture then he said you’re perfect!” I was like… O.O What the hell? I don’t even know who the hell is Paul Fig-Tig-whatever-gins. What’s the band’s name? What if the band is a hardcore metal band? And what if they make me do sexy dance for the music video? I mean, I know I’m into dances, specially street dance. But not sexy dance. Never ever ever ever! “Wha.. wait, what?! I didn’t sign up for that.” I was planning to say that loud enough but it ended up sounding like a yell. “Who the hell is Paul Friggin—I mean, Higgins? And what’s the Band’s name?” I pulled my eyebrows together and stood up. Uncle Axel seemed surprised of my reaction, cus he looked very nervous and changed his sitting position to an awkward one right after I asked those questions. Maybe he thought I was angry, but I actually wasn’t. I was just…. In shock. “Well, honey. I’m sorry if you don’t like it but since I know you’re into entertainment world and you wanna be an actress too, I thought It’d be a great start for you so applied you to this. He’s the manager of a band, a boy band. You’ll be playing as a pretty girl in their newest song’s music video, he said. And the Band’s name is One Direction. Ever heard of it?” Uncle Axel didn’t dare to look at me, he really thought I was angry. But I stopped breathing. My eyes were stuck on him, my mouth shaped the perfect O and my hands were on my sides, holding my phone in my right hand and the piece of paper in my left. I stood there like a statue, trying to process whatever my uncle just said to me. Did he just say One Direction? Did he just say that I’m gonna be the girl in their newest music video? Or is it just a prank? “Uncle, you’re joking right? Is this a prank? Cus I’m not gonna fall for it.” I stood up straight and crossed my arms on my chest, secretly hoping that what he was saying wasn’t a joke. I stared at uncle Axel, demanding for a proper answer. He was still sitting in an awkward position and looked worried. “No pumpkin, you’re going to England and you’re going to be in One Direction’s music video.” He used a serious tone, and I know what it means when he used the “serious tone”. Then it hit me, it all hit me. It’s true. This is really happening. Oh. My. God. I, Paxia Kyle, am going to be in a music video. I don’t even know what to say, i can’t put it into words. I always wanted this, to be in front of the camera, to entertain the world. Aaaaaah, My face turned bright and my eyes wide opened. I put a huuuuge smile on my face then jumped up and down in excitement. “AAAAHHH!! OHMYGOD OHMYGOD! THANK YOU SO MUCH UNCLE!!” I leaped into his lap and hugged him so tight. Too tight, apparently and I could tell that he couldn’t breathe so I let go. “Phew, I’m glad you’re excited for it. You’ll love the band. The boys are very friendly. And lovely, too.” He winked at me as I stood up and smiled. “Naah, I’m taken. And he’s holding all of my heart.” I replied.

“Oouuh, someone’s being faithful.” Nate pinched my cheek and winked.

“Wait, what are you guys talking ab—Oh my god, my favorite niece already have a boyfriend and I didn’t even know?! I’m the worst uncle in the entire universe!” Said uncle Axel. He frowned and pouted.

Nate gasped and shook his head while staring at Uncle Axel “You did not just say that right after giving us these.”

Uncle axel smiled at him then looked at me. “But who’s the lucky guy?”

I giggled and kissed his cheek. “First, I agree with Nate. You’re not even close to the word “worst”, you’re actually the BEST uncle in the entire universe. Second, his name is Abe.” I looked down and softened my voice at the “Abe” part, then I could feel myself blush. “He’s in Indonesia, tho. So we’re on a long distance relationship.” I continued and frowned. Me and Abe have been together since year 10. He was my childhood bestfriend and we met again years ago when I visited Indonesia to see my old friends. “He’s cute, Axel. And very masculine. He’s a parkour practitioner, he also has very great manners. Don’t worry, she picked a good one.” Said my dad as he patted on Uncle Axel’s shoulder. I looked down again and felt the heat on my face. I felt eyes on me so I looked up and caught them staring. “Whaat?” I shrugged and sat back down. They all smiled at me and giggled.

Uncle Axel stood up and grabbed our attention. “Alright. I have a meeting in 30 minutes so I need to tell you the whole info about this summer vocation now, and fast.” I nodded and put my full attention to Uncle Axel. “Okay. Nate’s flight is on Thursday, at 6.00am. And Xia’s flight is on Wednesday, at 3.30pm.”

“WHAT THE HELL?!” Nate shouted. “Why my flight has to be so damn early? I’m not an early riser. I’d probably miss the plane!” He continued complaining. “Well, I guess you have to wake up early for this one, Nate. Once in a lifetime, chance.” Uncle Axel answered his questions easily.

“Anyway, I booked an apartment for Xia. It’s not far from Paul’s 3rd house, the boys hang there all the time. It’s pretty big and I’m sure you’ll love it cus I hired some interior designer to design the apartment to suit your style. It also has a private indoor pool. And don’t you worry about the apartment fee, it’s on me. So the apartment is all yours now.” Uncle Axel explained everything so quickly, it was pretty hard to catch up with what he was saying. But I got the points.

“So I’ll be living there by myself for the rest of summer?” I asked.

“Well, you can invite some of your friends if you want, it’s not a sin.” Uncle axel smiled and let out some small laughs.

I nodded as the sign of “got it”.

“Plus, I’m sure you’ll make tons of new friends and maybe the boys will come over to the apartment as soon as you guys get close.” He continued. I smiled at the thought. It’d be nice to have some new friends from England. And maybe they’d offer me more jobs for more music videos. I shook my head and cleared my mind. ‘Let’s just be realistic, you’ll make friends with some of the girls you met in starbucks.’ I said to myself since I know I could come off as a super duper shy person. And I’m actually not really good at first impressions. Axel’s phone rang and he answered. Maybe its his assistant reminding him about his meeting or something. “Hey guys I’m so sorry I have to go now, the meeting is ready and I’m the only one who’s late. It’s just so great to finally see you all again. I love you, and have fun in England kids!” he gave me and Nate a kiss on the forehead and walked over to my dad to give him a hug. “I’ll be waiting for you next week, kay bro?” My dad nodded and Axel walked out. We were all still standing there smiling like idiots. Nate giggled and started to laugh. Dad stared at Nate weirdly and started laughing, too. And me, I just stood there like a dazed idiot. I had no idea what they were laughing about.

“Guys? Maybe we should go home now. Me and Nate have to pack our stuffs.” I said as I made them stop laughing at nothing. They nodded in agreement. "Yeah I'm kinda sleepy too so.... i need bed." Said Nate. He sleeps like a rock-.- I punched Nate's shoulder playfully. We walked out of the office and went home. The car ride was slient. Dad was driving, Nate was sleeping and I was busy texting my bestfriends, telling them about what just happened. I can't stop thinking about how much fun i'd have this summer. It's just... almost too good to be true.

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