It's Always Been Him

Paxia was the girl in One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful” Music Video. She’s half American and half Indonesian. She got close with the boys as they hung out, did stuffs together until she had to fly back to America to finish her school and all. Something was going on between her and one of the boys. And another one of the boys was secretly desperate of wanting her to be his. As life goes on, they learn what happens when they hide their feelings longer than they should.


5. England & Airport Disaster.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we have just landed at the Heathrow International Airport, Welcome to London! The time is 12.30am, the weather is 14°C, we suggest you to wear a coat because it’s currently drizzling. For your safety, please remain seated with your seatbelts fastened until the fasten seatbelt sign has been switched off.”

I heard a lady said that over the microphone as I moved closer to the window and look around. It was dark, but i saw little lights making paths for the plane to pass, I saw some mini cars, busses, tunnels, and people running. I smiled widely as I pull up my shoulders in excitement, and let out a sigh. “Here I am. In London. The whole summer.” I could imagine how amazing this summer will be. Despite the fact that I’ll be living alone in my huge apartment, but with the whole music video stuffs, I’m extremely sure that this summer is going to be epic.

I did some awkward butt movements in my seat and pulled myself away from the window. As you can imagine, how excited I am for this summer holiday. I took out my phone and turned it on, since the plane has stopped moving. I texted my dad and my girls right away.

“I’m in London, omg! I ate like a pig during the flight. But the flight wasn’t bad, tho. Xx (:”

I ate a lot during the flight. All I did was eat, read, music, sleep, eat, read, music, sleep – and so on. I swear if the flight was longer than 15 hours, I’d gain a lot of weight for sure.

“Ding.” I saw the fasten seatbelt sign switched off. Other passengers clicked their seatbelts and stood up, so I packed my handbag right away and did the same. I stretched my body a little bit right after I got up from my seat, my butt is numb! I’ve been sitting there for more than 9 hours, I can’t take any more sitting for tonight. Me and other passengers lined up to the exit door, I had to stand behind a beautiful lady wearing a mini red dress, and brown hair in a very tidy bun. She looked very familiar but I couldn’t figure it out. I kept looking at her posture from behind, trying to find out if she was really my acquaintances or not. She turned around and I saw half of her face. As I expected, I didn’t recognize her face, maybe it was just because of my high expectation at getting some roommates for me tonight. So I shook it off and walked along the line.

“Thank you for flying with us, hope we’ll see you soon, and have a nice time in London.” Said the smiling Lady next to the door, she put her palms together, and bowed down a little bit. I smiled back at her and walked through the tunnel.

I scratched my nose, my cheek, and down to my neck as I walked through the tunnel. My body is starting to get itchy, I haven’t showered since like 11 hours ago, I hope I don’t smell that bad. Well, do I smell bad? I stopped my track and looked around to make sure nobody was there with me then put my arm halfway up so I can sniff my own pit. I smiled gladly because I didn’t smell like a pig and continued walking. But as I walked along, a shiny gold bracelet on the floor caught my eyes. I stood there, freezing because was awed by it, the cut was perfect, the color was pretty, it has some guitar shapes hanging onto it. I walked towards it and picked it up. The lights from the lamps were shimmering on it. It was beautiful. I looked around to see if anybody was searching for it, but I was the last passenger. I felt pretty bad for the owner of this bracelet. I mean, I like it very much but I have to give this to one of the flight attendants, maybe they’ll make an announcement about this bracelet to let the owner know it’s been found. I made my way back to the plane door, but I heard thumps like someone was running behind me. I was about to turn around but then someone stormed through me which caused me to fall. I growled in pain because I bumped my head to the wall while trying to figure out who did that. Surprise, it was the lady in red who stood in front of me earlier in the plane. I gave her an evil stare from behind as I put my hand on my head, rubbing it to reduce the pain I was in.

 “I believe I dropped it here somewhere, you got to help me find it or I’ll sue you!” Shouted the lady in red to the flight attendant who was about to close the door. I couldn’t hear the shout clearly because she was pretty far away from where I was. I tried to pull myself on my feet again. I was pulling my coat, combing my hair with my fingers, and sighed. I looked over to the mad lady and shook my head. “Why can’t she just calm down?” I slapped my forehead and looked down. Then I saw the gold bracelet I found earlier, I must’ve dropped it when the lady ran through me. So I bent down and took the bracelet, while looking at it to make sure that there’s no piece of it missing.

“OH MY LORD! THAT’S MY BRACELET!!” I startled as I heard that frightening shout. It was the lady in red, she was furious, coming towards my direction, I stood there in shock. The look she has on her face is just frightening. She snapped the bracelet I had in my hand and shot me a glare. “You thief! How dare you!” I widened my eyes at the lady and crossed my arms on my chest. “Well I’m sorry for finding your ‘precious’ bracelet on the floor. Just so you know, I was about to give it to the flight attendant so they can make an announcement that this bracelet have been found. I wasn’t trying to steal it!” I was planning on saying it loud enough to show her that I’m mad, but I ended up yelling at her. I softened my eyes and sighed as I heard her whimpering a little bit. I shook my head and growled. “Yaknow what, whatever. Eat it.” I turned around and walked away, decided to let it slide. Pssh, she’s too easy and I’m waay too tired to start a debate with this worthless bimbo. I just need 1 thing; BED.

Not long after I took my 3rd step away from her, the lady pulled my hair and screamed. “Not so fast, you little bitch!” I turned around with my eyes full of anger and stared at her. “I’m not letting you get away with this so easy.” “Ohyeah? What’re you gonna do, huh? Punch me in the face? Shove the bracelet into my ass? PUH-LEASE, I won’t feel a thing.” She gasped and narrowed her eyes. Then she opened her mouth to say something but nothing came out of it, and pointed her finger at me. I shrugged and rolled my eyes as the sign of devastation. “Alright, here’s the thing. I’m tired, and if you want to—“ “SECURITY! THERE’S A THEIF HERE. SECURITY, HELP!!!” My words were cut off by her screaming for help. She started going crazy like something bad has happened to her. I held her arms and sush her as the sign of telling her to shut up. But she stuck up her middle finger at me and continued screaming, instead! A minute after that, I heard people running closer. As I expected, yes, those are the securities.

The big black bald guy in a security uniform caught up with us first, and held the lady’s shoulders. “What’s the matter ma’am?” The lady gasped for air like she had been crying since the last 2 hours and pointed at me. “This kid..” The security guy shot a quick look at me and back to the lady. “What’s wrong with this kid? Did she hurt you?” “KID? Seriously? KID? Do I look like I’m 5 to you?!” I screamed to them two in attempt to get the security guy’s attention. “She was trying to rob me, well actually she was trying to steal my lucky charm!” She did a fake consolable cry and leaned to the security’s chest. I shot a glare at the security guy, at the lady, then back to the security guy again. “WHAT?! NO! She’s lying, sir you have to believe me. I’m only 16!” He looked at me with an emotionless face and hugged the lady again “Calm down, ma’am. Calm down, it’s okay now we got her.” “You’re actually buying that?! What kind of idiot are you?!” I stomped my feet in furious.

Suddenly I felt something cold around my wrist and I heard a ‘click’ sound. “I’m sorry miss, but you’re coming to our office.” There was a security lady standing right next to me, with a handcuff around her right hand and the other one was around my left wrist. “What? NO! I found that bracelet on the floor and was about to gave it back to the flight attendants!” I tried to shook it off but the security lady got me in her grip. I couldn’t flee, it was so tight! “No please you have to listen to me, I’m not British I’m from America and I need to see Pau—“ “We will talk about everything later at the office” They dragged me away with them. And I could smell the grin on that crazy lady’s face. I turned around, and saw her giggling, waving at me with a smile full of glory. URGH, what the hell is wrong with these people?!

*the security office*

“Seriously, I need to call—“

I was cut off by a guy in suit asking; “Did you really try to steal the lady’s bracelet?”

“NO. I was walking down the tunnel and i saw it on the floor. The gorgeous shiny color caught my eyes so I picked it up and i was about to gave it back to the flight attendants, so maybe they could make an announcement about a gold bracelet that has been found.” I explained that very fast because I was so damn furious. I’m tired, I’m sleepy, and I need to call Paul. And I kinda need a roommate, too. But that’s trivial.

 “Well if you really didn’t then why did the lady scream hysterically?”

I punched the table as hard as I could and stood up. “BECAUSE SHE’S A STUCK UP IMMATURE BITCH WHO THOUGHT THAT I WAS GOING TO TAKE HER BRACELET. WELL YES SHE LOOKS LIKE SHE’S 50 BUT SHE ACTS LIKE A 5 YEAR OLD SPOILED BRAT.” Everyone in the room jumped to my reaction. The room’s atmosphere was pretty intense and everyone seemed to be pretty scared so I sat down roughly and growled. “Okay. So tell us why you’re here in England.” Said the guy in suit. I take a deep breath in attempt to calm myself down, and stretch my arms first before I start talking. “I, Paxia Kyle, am here because I need to be in a music video of the One Direction band. My uncle, Axellius Kyle, told me to call his friend a.k.a One Direction’s manager, Paul Higgins, as soon as I get here and tell him that I’m Axel’s niece. So he can pick me up and take me to my apartment somewhere in England. And I’ll spend the whole summer here, too.” the room was in silence for a couple of seconds, everybody was staring at me and it was beyond awkward. “I can assure you, I have no criminal records.” I said in a pleading tune. I hope they’d set me free as soon as possible because it’s like 12.50am and I’m at the airport’s security office. In England. “Let us check you and your bags first then you can use our phone to call Paul Higgins and go to your apartment.” I sighed and stood up as the security girl checks on my pockets and all. The security guy is checking my bags and suitcase next to me. “She’s clean.” Said the security guy. I smiled and said; “Ofcourse I am, I told you, but you never listened.”

“Alright miss, you can now call Paul Higgins and tell him to pick you up at our office.” “Wait, what? Pick me up at YOUR office? You mean I have to wait here and he has to know that I’ve been through this kind of trouble?” I asked in a normal tone because I was so damn and I couldn’t even think straight. The guy in suit sits down next to me and seems to be trying to make me feel comfortable. “I’m afraid so. Because we need to make sure that you will be under adult’s responsibility while you’re in England. You’re only 16.” I scratch my head and nod. I don’t even care about this anymore. I just need to get to my apartment and sleep.

“Go ahead, make a call.” Said the guy in suit while gesturing me to use the phone on his desk. I walked towards it and pulled out my phone to see Paul’s number. I dialed it and slowly felt myself drifting off to the sound of the dial tone. But I shook my head and rubbed my eyes, I have to stay awake. Atleast until Paul get here and take care of this mess.

“Hello?” Said a husky voice.
“Oh, hey, is this Paul Higgins?”

“Yes, yes I am. Who’s this?”

“It’s me, Paxia Kyle. Axel Kyle’s niece? Uncle Axel told me to call you right after I land.”

“Oh, it’s you! Yay, so good to know you made it! But why are you using a local number?” I can hear him yawning in the middle of the sentence.

“Uhh yeah, about that. I’m at the airport right now. The airport’s security office, to be more specific..”

“What? Oh my dear lord, why? Are you okay? Did somebody hurt you?” His voice sounds very worried. I found it funny so I giggled a little bit.

“Well it’s a long story. Maybe I’ll tell you on our way to my apartment?”

“Ohshit, mygod. I.. I can’t.. Crap.” Said Paul, he sounds pretty frustrated.

I pull my eyebrows together as the sign of confusion, and ask; “You can’t crap? Wha? Are you okay?”

I hear Paul let out some small laughs before he say something. “No, It’s not that. It’s just.. I can’t pick you up, Paxia. I’m so sorry, my mom is sick and I’m currently in my mom’s house. And it’s 6 hours from the airport, more or less.” He sounded like he was hesitating, I’m pretty sure he was expecting me to scream and swear over him and all.

My blood boiled up and I was about to blow up. “What?! Then how am I supposed to get to my apartment?” I’m trying so hard not to yell at him. I’ve been through a lot of shits since the last 1 hour, I’m tired as hell, I’m extremely sleepy, and now this. Can things get any worse?

“Umm, maybe I can ask some of my friends to pick you up? Most of them know where your apartment is, I kinda told everyone about you.”

I sighed and scratched my head in frustration. This is not a good start for such an epic holiday. “Well, if that’s the only way.” I shrugged and yawned while putting my phone back to my pocket.

“Okay, I’ll call someone and ask them to pick you up. And bytheway, your apartment is not far from my 3rd house. I’ve never lived there but the boys hang there most of the time. So maybe you can drop by, I’m sure the boys will be happy to see you.”

Seriously? He’s suggesting me to visit the boys at this time of night?-_- “Hahah, maybe next time. Or tomorrow morning. I’m very tired.”

“Hmm, okay. The boys will have interviews at some radio stations for the whole day tomorrow. So maybe you’ll meet them on Saturday, because we’ll shoot the music video that day. But don’t worry, me and the boys will try to visit you tomorrow night after the last interview.”

“Alright, see you on Saturday then. Bye.”

I hung up and walked away from the phone. “He said he can’t pick me up. But he’ll send someone and they’ll be here any time soon.” I said to the man in suit. He was sitting on a couch, across the room. He nodded and yawned. “I think I have to buy some coffee to keep myself awake.” He said while walking out the door. The couch is now empty so I sit there and rest my head on the armrest. I yawned and stretched my hands a little. “Well, whoever is picking me up better be here soon..” I mumbled to myself as I felt myself drifting off.

Harry’s P.O.V

“SUPERMAAANNN!” I woke up to the sound of Louis’ ringtone. Argh man, that sounds sooo annoying. I pull myself up on my elbow and check the time, 1am. Who the hell could it be, calling at this time of night? I rubbed my eyes and looked around. Everyone’s sleeping, including Louis himself. “Oh hell, make it stop.” I complained and moved closer to Louis, with my eyes half opened, and shook him. “Lou, your phone’s ringing. Pick it up, the ringtone is so annoying.” Louis gave me a snore as an answer. “Gosh, you bastard.” I poked his stomach pretty hard and reached for his phone on the bedside table. Paul’s name is on the screen, so I answered the call.

“Hello?” I said, half awake.

“Harry? Is Louis there?” Paul asked me in a very serious tone.

“Yeah he’s here, technically. But he’s sleeping. The boys had been drinking since 7. So I’m pretty sure they’re all hammered.”

“Oh, what about you and Liam?”

“Well, I don’t know about Liam. But he looks like he’s tired. And I’m not drunk, I skipped the alcohol party. I slept early. Like around 8pm or something.”

“OH you’re not drunk? Great! Where are you guys now?” He sounds very excited and relieved.

“Uh, we’re in your house. Why?” I ask him while scratching my head. I’m fully awake now, maybe because I slept early.

“Awesome. Can you please pick up my friend’s niece at the airport? She’s our music video girl and she just got here. She said she’s in the airport security office, I have no idea why.”

I shot my eyes open and gasped a little. “What? But where should I take her?”

“Her apartment isn’t far from my house. Remember that apartment I showed you last week? She’ll live there the whole summer. Her uncle bought that for her.”

“Ah, fancy. Kay, I’ll be on my way soon.”

“Oh, and by the way, quick facts; Her name is Paxia, and she’s 16. Thanks haz.”

Paul hung up so I stood up and put on my shirt and jeans.

Paxia. Hmm, I’m kind of wondering about her looks. Paul said she’s half Indonesian, which makes her pretty unique. But I think she’s just one of those typical teenage girls who fall head over heels with me and the boys. I shook the thought out of my head and drove to the airport.

*30minutes later*

I finally reach the airport, and I’m on my way to the airport security office now. But I feel like I’m walking in circle, so I ask to some guy how to get to the office. “Excuse me, sir. Do you know where the security office is?” He told me the way, and said the security office is not far from the guys’ toilet. I thank him and walk along, and not long after that, I finally see the guys’ toilet. I smile in relief because I know the office isn’t far from here. I look around and saw the “Security” sign above a door. That must be it. So i walk to the door and knock.


“S’cuse me, I’m here to pick up Paxia?” I said while peaking over through the door.

The security girl who was standing next to the desk shot a glare at me and started to freak out. I smiled at her and walked closer. “So, where is she?”

“Ohmygod, you’re Harry Styles.” She said while rubbing my arms and staring at me. I found that creepy so I stepped back and laughed nervously.

“Ahah, yes I am. But where is Paxia?” I asked her one more time. She shook her head and smiled at me.

“Oh, yeah she’s over there. I think she’s very tired, she fell asleep on the couch.” The security lady pointed her hand to the couch behind me that I hadn’t notice. I turned around and saw a girl sleeping peacefully on the couch, resting her head on the armrest while hugging her handbag. I stood there for a while, stunned by how adorable she looks. Just seeing her like that puts a smile on my face. “That’s her?” I asked to the lady without looking away from the sleeping girl. “Yes, that’s her. Adorable, isn’t she?” “Very.” I said.

I walked over to the couch and leaned over to her. “Hey, wake up, love. Let’s get you to your apartment.” I whispered to her as I remove some hair from her face. I leaned closer and learned every curve on her face. Her smile, her nose, her eyes. She looks very peaceful and I wonder what she’s dreaming. I felt every piece of her hair slipping through my fingers. My face is now inches away from hers. I can feel the heat running on my face, and I don’t know why, I can’t help myself from smiling. “Hey, sweetheart, wake up.” I whisper to her softly, secretly not wanting her to wake up at all. I stroke her cheek with my hands and rub her eyelids gently. And seconds after I remove my thumb from her eyelids, I see those big deep brown eyes slowly open, causing every piece of her eyelashes to wave at me beautifully. I stared into her eyes and smiled. She smiled at me and stared back into my eyes. I stroke her cheek one more time as I see her staring at my lips. I moved closer to her, trying to close the gap between us..

*A/N: Hey guys, I'm so sorry i have to cut the chapter. If i put the whole story here, this chapter would be too long. I will post the rest of the chapter tomorrow or tuesday. And please forgive me for making you guys wait. I know it's been too long and i know the previous chapter was a little bit crappy, but i wasn't feeling well. I promise I'll write faster and will try to update sooner. I love you <33 xx*

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