It's Always Been Him

Paxia was the girl in One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful” Music Video. She’s half American and half Indonesian. She got close with the boys as they hung out, did stuffs together until she had to fly back to America to finish her school and all. Something was going on between her and one of the boys. And another one of the boys was secretly desperate of wanting her to be his. As life goes on, they learn what happens when they hide their feelings longer than they should.


1. Big Day.

“Paxia! Get up! Big day, today. We have to be at Axel’s office by 12!”

I jumped out of my bed as I heard my daddy’s voice echoed through the hall, I was still half awake but was standing on my feet. I had to run across the room to see the time, since I didn’t have my glasses on. I looked over to the clock on the wall. I slapped my forehead and stomped my feet. It was still 7.30am. Dang it! He got me. AGAIN. Why he always do that? Tricked me with the panicked morning voice and made me believe that we were late. Not cool, dad. Not cool -.-

But I let it slide and made my way to the washroom door as I heard another shout from downstairs and stopped my track. “Paxia! Don’t make me come upstairs!” “M’god, why can’t he just wait?” I mumbled to myself. “Gosh, I’m up, dad! Washroom duty. Will be downstairs in few minutes!” I ran to the washroom and did the morning stuffs – Pee, Shower, and all –. As I finished the washroom duty, I put on my contacts (it’s non-colored so it won’t cover up my deep dark brown eyes), yellow tank, my cream shorts, and let my black long wavy hair flow down my back as I put on my white converse and some bracelets. FYI, I LOOOVE bracelets. I’d always wear more than just 4 bracelets on each arm, everyday.

I went downstairs and smelled some yummy aroma from the kitchen. I closed my eyes and inhaled while walking to the kitchen to see who was cooking. And not a surprise, it was my brother. I have to be honest, he’s the best cook in the entire family. He was facing the stove so I examined his looks from behind. He was messy, he looked like a troll and was still wearing plain white shirt and loose shorts. His black hair was sticking out at every direction. “Looks like Chef Nathaniel’s cooking, today, yeah?” I hugged my big brother from behind while he flips some pancakes, and put my chin on his shoulder. He turned his head to me and gave me an absent minded smile. “Yep. But it also looks like he’s still extremely sleepy and wants his little sister to finish up cooking pancakes so he can get more sleep.” He raised his left eyebrow and gave me a “come on, you’ll do it for me, won’t you?” look. I giggled and kissed his cheek. I made my way to the kitchen table and sat down. “Nuh-uh, noway, big bro. YOU Bring me MY pancakes or I’ll make sure that you’ll suffer from every step you take!” I shouted at him from the back while he was still facing the stove. He turned half way around with this funny expression on his face. His eyes were narrowed, his eyebrows were pulled together, his mouth shaped a perfect O and he let out a gasp. He turned back around to face the stove again and turned it off. He stood straight as his hands were moving side to side, taking things that I couldn’t see cus his body was blocking my view and I heard him sigh. “Well, pumpkin. You asked for it. But since the pancakes aren’t ready. I’ll just give you an opening meal, kay?” I pulled my eyebrows together as the sign of confusion but quickly went back to my normal facial expression since I knew he couldn’t see my face. “What?” I asked quietly. He stopped from whatever he was doing. I braced myself for impact, knowing that he’d do something to me since he let out an evil laugh as soon as I asked the last question. I waited for him to make a move but he never did. I got tired of waiting and rolled my eyes. I decided to stand on my feet and made my way to Nate. “Oh come on, Nate. I’m starving. Plus we need to be at uncle Axel’s off—“ I stopped my walk and was cut off by Nate splashing some strawberry syrup right in my face. I shrieked and slowly opened my eyes as my mouth shaped a perfect O. I glared at Nate who is now laughing his ass off at what just happened.

I wiped the syrup from my eyelids and walked over to Nate, who is now staring at me and trying to hold back his laugh. “Well, my loyal slave. Since you’ve worked for me for more than 16 years, things are clearly not fair for you. You served me everything, yet you never got anything in return. So please..” I reached for the blueberry syrup on the counter. “.. Take this blueberry syrup as my reward to your loyalty and good manners.” I squeezed the syrup bottle and point it at Nate’s face. His facial expression suddenly changed, from “trying so hard to hold back the laugh” to “shit, you’ll pay for this”. I cracked as I slowly walked backwards, avoiding Nate incase he’d do something to get back at me. But I bumped to a chair and fell over, instead. Nate laughed while pointing his finger at me. “Holyshit, that wasn’t me. God heard my prayers!” He clapped his hands and put them up like the praying position. I growled and threw a napkin at him. He acted like he got hit hard by the napkin to tease me and continued laughing. He threw the napkin back at me while he stuck his tongue out. I screamed and tickled him to death!

As we both screamed at the top of our lungs while trying to torture each other, we heard the door flung open and saw dad stared weirdly at our awkward position. I was on top of Nate while he was half laying on the floor. My arms were around his head and his arms were around my waist, my legs were wrapped around his body while his left leg was on the chair. We both stared at Dad and he stared back at us. We waited for his reaction and he finally opened his mouth, but paused for few seconds before he said something. “Do you want me to set up a battle ring for you two?” asked him sarcastically. Me and Nate stared at each other for a while and shot a glare at dad before we all laughed off. My dad had high sense of humor, fit body and I got to admit, he’s tall. He used to be an Athlete, actually. He mastered 3 kinds of martial arts; Judo, Aikido, and Karate. He taught Judo to me and Nate when we were still kids. So we kinda mastered Judo, too. But Dad taught Aikido and Karate to Nate, and Nate took a Taekwondo course when he was still 13, so technically he mastered 4 kinds of martial arts. I was jealous and angry because I thought Dad taught extra lessons to Nate and not to me. I cried and punched my daddy’s arm while screaming (hey, I was only 6). Dad said the reason why he taught all of the kind of martial arts he mastered to Nate was because he wanted Nate to be able to protect me whenever he can’t. Nate was a fan of Basketball, too. He had all the Miami Heat merchandise. Dad always made time to buy some merchandise for Nate whenever he saw “Miami Heat” writing. As me, myself, I’m into dances and entertainment world. I love street dance and I was actually in a dance crew back when I was 14. We were actually a flash mob crew. We mob places and paint our crew name near the mobbed place, just for fun, no one got hurt. But the police caught us and we dismissed the crew. I kinda miss those old times. I snapped back to reality when dad’s phone rang. We stood up while dad was talking on the phone with God knows who in the living room. Not long after that, we heard dad hung up and walked back to the kitchen to see us. “You two go shower, please hurry cus Axel wants us to be there at 11.50. And bytheway, wear something nice. You look like homeless midgets.” He gave us a smile while patted our shoulders and we all giggled. He walked out of the kitchen and I turned to Nate. “Look what you’ve done, doofus! I’ve showered earlier this morning and now I have to take another one just because you gave me this special appetizer.” I shoved Nate’s shoulder and glared at him. He raised his hands and shoulders up as the sign of “sorry”. “Well sorry, butt brain. But if you didn’t pour the blueberry syrup at me, this mess wouldn’t happen and you’d just have to wash your face.” I opened my mouth to say something, anything to win this debate. But I stomped my feet and walked upstairs instead, knowing that he was right.

Before I went to shower, I dug my wardrobe trying to find what to wear since Nate ruined my outfit that I chose earlier. I finally found a broken white crop tee with a soft drawing of a girl on it, and dark blue short jeans. I ran to the washroom and had a quick shower. I put on my outfit and didn’t change anything else I applied on earlier in the morning. “We should really go now, kids. It’s already 10.30”. I checked myself out in the mirror for the last time, grabbed my phone from the bed side table and ran downstairs. “I’m readdyyy!” I shouted as I put on my white converse, the same one as I wore earlier in the morning. “Well let’s go then.” Then this thought popped out in my head all of a sudden. I pulled my dad’s wrist and asked “But dad, just wondering, what are we going to do in Uncle Axel’s office? I mean, I know you and him have some business to deal with, but me and Nate? Are we gonna just sit there and stare at some air like idiots?” He laughed and pinched my nose. “You silly little pumpkin. Of course not. I’d rather just leave you two here with foods if there’s nothing to do for you guys in his office. Trust me, your uncle has some big things to tell. And those things will make you guys want to scream at the top of your lungs”.


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