It's Always Been Him

Paxia was the girl in One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful” Music Video. She’s half American and half Indonesian. She got close with the boys as they hung out, did stuffs together until she had to fly back to America to finish her school and all. Something was going on between her and one of the boys. And another one of the boys was secretly desperate of wanting her to be his. As life goes on, they learn what happens when they hide their feelings longer than they should.


8. A/N (competition)


Hello my little pumpkins! :D How’ve you been? I’m so sorry this story is going really slow, I've been very busy and been having a terrible writer’s block. But I want to say a big thanks for you who stayed and waited for me to update, eventhough it takes ages.. But Anyways, thank you so much, once again.

And. It has come to my attention that this story don’t have that much reads/fave/likes ): So I’m asking for your helps :) Please spread this story (twitter tumblr youtube or anything). You can make a trailer to my story on youtube, you can make an article or a review on tumblr, or a poster and post it on deviantArt, or anything you want. Make it as creative as possible! Because I’ll pick the most creative of them all, and the prize is: I will put the winner’s name in the story! Wait, there’s more. The winner will be the one who write the chapter where their character shows up for the first time (1 chapter), and will be able to decide who they want to be in the story. But please note that the character will show up only in 3 chapters. :) How to participate?

Send me the link of your promotion for this story. (To my e-mail – – and tell me if you’ve sent that to my e-mail thru the comment box bellow.)
E-Mail Format:
* Movella Username:
* Link:
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* Physical Appearance:
* Plot & Who you want to be in the story:
The plot is like a prologue to your chapter, so make it good ;)

This competition will be closed on January 15th, and the winner will be announced on January 24th. You have much time, so no need to rush things up. Thanks again, pumpkins!

Xxx, Paxia.

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