It's been almost 6 years since Scarlet Archer has come back home to England.
Almost 6 years since that dreaded night.
But now she's back.
Back with her 3 friends Sophie, Ella and Lucy.
Together these girls plan to make the best of their holiday in England. But what will happen if the holiday of their dreams turns into Scarlet's nightmare.
When a run in with the boy who put her life in jeopardy occurs, what will she do? Will she be able to face her past demons and move on? Forgive and forget right? Well that's easier said than done....especially when this boy was now part of the world's hottest boyband One Direction....
Life has never been easy for Scarlet...and things just seem to be getting worse...


7. New Beginnings


Scarlet POV

No one could ever know how much I loved him. No matter what happened, my heart was locked tight.

“I don’t know if things can ever be the same between us Louis,” I began, and he looked sad, “but I’m willing to try and repair our friendship. Not just for my sake, but for our mothers and friends sake as well. It’s not fair on them if I hold this grudge against you. Forgive and forget right?” I said trying to sound cheerful, and convince not only him, but myself as well, that I could do this.

It sounded fake even to my own ears, and I could tell that he didn’t believe me either, from the sad smile on his face.

It was then that the door was shoved open and everyone fell through it, and I could hear Ells say, “If you’re not going to let me listen as well, things like this will happen.” I couldn’t help but smile as I saw Ells standing there with her hands on her hips and the four boys on the floor with Sophie on top of Liam and Luce on top on Niall. Zayn quickly scrambled up running to the mirror making everyone laugh, while Sophie and Luce looked down at Liam and Niall, blushing. Harry just lay there and put his arms behind his head, crossing his legs, as he wiggled his eyebrows at Ells who looked down at him evilly, wiping the smug look on his face as she sat on his stomach and wiggled around, getting comfortable, while the other four stood up awkwardly.

“Who knew a stomach could be so comfortable, aye?” Said Ells, while Harry tried to push her off.

“Can’t…. Breathe….” He huffed trying to catch his breath.

“What’s the magic words?” Sung Ells her voice sounding like evil bells.

“Ells is an amazingly beautiful girl and I will never try and flirt with her again or she’ll sit on me.” Said Harry. Ells shrugged in a ‘good enough’ way and got up off of Harry who immediately jumped up scared she might sit on him again.

It was all a little too much for me and I couldn’t help but start a giggling fit. Half because my friends were hilarious and half because I was slightly hysterical about what had happened in the last 36 hours. Needless to say, I was getting ‘wtf’ looks from everyone.

Zayn came back just as I started to calm down, looking relieved, “Wooh,” he said, “thank god my hair wasn’t too messed up.” And I couldn’t help but start laughing again. This time though the others started laughing as well, while Zayn stood there looking annoyed.

After we all finally calmed down, Niall spoke up, “well, I dunno about you lot, but all these deep and meaningful conversations this morning have taken a whole lot out of me. Who fancies a visit to Nando’s?”

We all just looked at him as he shrugged, “I’m a growing boy! I need my food guys!”

I just shook my head smiling at him. I was growing quite fond of these boys, “You’re not the one who spilled their guts out Nialler, I’m the one who’s supposed to be hungry… and possibly Louis..” I joked. But they all had solemn looks on their faces. I just rolled my eyes, “joke guys joke. Lighten up!”

They all just looked slightly uncomfortable. “Anyway,” I said extending the word, “I haven’t slept properly in about 48 hours, and I don’t plan to sleep yet either. My sleeping pattern is only just adjusting to the European time zone, however, I would ADORE a long hot bath, and no Harry you cannot join me,” I said seeing him opening his mouth and then close it smiling sheepishly. “So all of you out; go to Nando's with Niall, and make sure you bring me back something cause I am not darned to cook anything tonight. Now SHOO! Go have fun out, and if I get bored I’ll be sure to call you guys to come pick me up!” I said heading over in the direction of the bathroom longingly.

I didn’t even hear their goodbyes as they left, too busy getting my bath ready.


An hour later I could hear the chiming of my phone next to me and picked it up. I was beginning to doze off in the bath so I was both pleased and slightly pissed off that someone had called me.

I was very moody when my sleeping is disrupted. But my frown vanished the moment I saw who was calling me. It was my uncle. He was staying in our home in Doncaster for a while to keep the place in pristine condition. My family never got rid of the house. It meant too much to us and we didn’t want to lose it; so rather than sell it, we sometimes rented it out to families who were holidaying in the area. This time though, my uncle had taken up residence there for a little while.

“Uncle Max!” I yelled through the phone at him hearing his deep chuckle from the other end of the line.

“Hey there Angel! How’s London treating you and the girls? Tell them I say hi,” I had told my uncle all about my friends whenever we had talked and they had briefly met him while he was leaving when we first arrived here.

“Good, good, you’ll never guess what happened though!” I said recounting everything that had happened up until now. My uncle was even more protective than my dad had been, taking it upon himself to be my surrogate father while we were in England. I just grinned at him over the phone, laughing as he calmed down and admitted that it was probably time I put this whole matter behind me.

“You’ve changed.” He said suddenly, making me frown.

“I have?” I asked him confused, I had only seen him a few days ago and, sure I had changed physically, but he knew that.

“Mmhmm,” he said from the other end of the phone. “You sound much happier.” And I guess I was happier. More happier than I had been in a while.

We chatted for a little while longer before he said he had to go. I had a few questions for him though, so before he could hang up I asked him, “hey, Uncle Max? Does Jay still live in the house across?”

“Jay Tomlinson? She sure does. I saw her this morning with her daughters. They sure have grown up. She looked pretty sad though when she saw me though.” He said, “Why? You coming home for a while?” he asked me. I was shocked that he had guessed it so quickly.

“How did you know?” I asked him, still slightly stunned.

“You’re not that difficult to figure out Angel. Just promise me you’ll be careful. Most of the families still live here and remember everything that happened.” He said.

“Don’t worry Maxi, I’m a big girl now. They can’t hurt me anymore! Besides, I miss it. The locks are still the same right?” I asked, I heard him mutter on the other end of the line. He hated it when I called him Maxi.

“They sure are. Look princess I really have to go now. Your aunt and I are leaving for Peru tonight and I really need to pack, you know how I am, leaving everything for the last minute,” he laughed and so did I. I was pretty sure my habit of leaving everything for the last moment had been inherited from my uncle. “I just wanted to check up on you before I left. I’m sorry we didn’t get to catch up a bit more. But I’m sure I’ll find you there when I get back!” He finished and I could hear the smile in his voice. I wasn’t leaving England any time soon and he knew that. I couldn’t wait to see him again.

“Bye Maxi! Love you! See you soon and have fun in Peru! Give aunt Lydia my love!” I yelled just before the line went dead.

I shut my phone and decided to get out of the bath. I was beginning to prune.

Looks like I’d be surprising a few people with my visit in Doncaster. Uncle Max knew not to tell anyone of my arrival, not that he knew when I’d be going. I didn’t know either to be honest.

I changed into some comfortable tracksuit pants and a nice warm Jack Wills hoodie I owned, settling down in front of the tv with some popcorn ready to watch some soap operas. I couldn’t quite find any but I did see some reruns of gossip girl on and decided to settle on that. I was lucky having caught the beginning of the very first episode ever.

I had never seen this show before despite knowing a lot of people who’ve watched it, including my friends. I leaned back into the couch and sat, engrossed in the show.


A few hours later I heard someone at the door and decided to ignore it having been so into the drama happening on screen. A few minutes later though, I felt someone sit on the couch beside me and grab some of my popcorn and try and talk to me.

I simply ignored them and shoved the popcorn into their hands, trying to distract them with food. It worked for a while, until they started to pull on my hair.

“Shhh, stop it! Blair just found out that Nate had cheated on her with her best friend Serena who is now back in town, she didn’t tell Blair that she was coming back though and now Blair is pissed at her.” I said trying to push away whoevers hand it was.

I could hear laughter from around the room and someone ask “has she always been this into a tv show?” and someone answered them but I just blocked whoever it was out.


Soon I had watched half of the first season, with only a few short breaks in between episodes. Then the tv announced that they would continue the second half of the first season on Thursday afternoon from 4. It was Tuesday today so I only had to wait a few days.

I checked the clock and saw that it was almost 11:30pm, and then I looked around at the room. It seemed after trying and failing to capture my attention, they had all been sucked into the tv show along with me.

“I can’t believe they would just end it there!” Said Liam looking upset.

“I can’t believe Blair would do that to Nate! And Chuck is such a flirt! Ugh!” Said Harry making us all laugh at him as he bushed realising what he had said.

“I never thought I’d be so into a show like I am Power Rangers…” Said Zayn picking up my laptop from where I had set it and booting it up.

“I can’t believe how little the girls eat…” Said Niall cracking everyone up even more.

“Hey, Scar, what’s your password?” Asked Zayn. As if I would just give it to him.

“What are you trying to do, dude?” I asked him.

“I wanna know what happens next!” He said making everyone laugh.

“Uh-uh no way! If we have to wait till Thursday then so do you!” said Louis speaking from where he stood behind me making me jump slightly.

“Well, Luce and Soph and Ells might know what happens… they’ve seen it before.” I said grinning at Zayn and my friends as he leapt off his seat begging them to tell him what happens. They just zipped their lips and refused.

“Guys! Where’s my food?” I asked suddenly.

“In the microwave. Don’t worry I put it there not Louis.” Said Harry grinning, as I headed over to heat up my dinner, at almost midnight.

When I came back, I saw Louis was missing. “Where’d carrot boy go?” I asked munching on a carrot stick I had bought out from the fridge.

“Uhh, I think he left to call his mum or something.” Said Zayn before returning to the gossip session he and the rest of the boys were having with me best friends about Gossip Girl.

I just sat there munching on my dinner, adding my thoughts here and there. When I finally finished it was almost 12:30am and I decided it was time to sleep.

“Alright boys, all of you out. I’m tired and sleepy. Come back in the morning and we can plan something to do if you’re not all busy that is. I know you guys might have a tight schedule.” I said yawning and stretching.

“NOPE! We’re free to do whatever we please until December when our tour begins!” Said Niall grinning a tired looking smile. I wasn’t the only one who needed sleep it seemed.

“Doofus, we have to take a few weeks off in November to film the clip remember?” Said Harry slapping him on the head.

“Oh, yeah that too.” He said unfazed by Harry’s comment.

“Come on lads. Let’s let these ladies get some rest and get some ourselves. I’m pretty beat after today” Said Liam smiling at Sophie, before heading to the door.

I hugged them all goodbye and Zayn even kissed me on the cheek and winking said, “don’t miss me too much tonight babe!”

“Don’t worry, love, I won’t, and even if I do, I’m sure Harry’s bed is big enough for two!” I winked at Harry who grinned back.

“You know it gorgeous!” He said grinning, playing along with me, making everyone laugh, even Zayn, as he playfully shoved me.

“Tell Lou we all said goodnight!” I yelled at them as they made their way down.

“Will do love!” I head Niall yell back.

I turned to my friends who were grinning at me. “All recounts of what happened today must wait for tomorrow morning, for the lovely Miss Scarlet Anne Archer needs her beauty sleep!” I said in a posh British accent making us all giggle.

Max was right. I was happier. Probably because the secrets of my past were finally coming out.

“Oh, but guys,” I said before Sophie and Ells could walk through the door to their room, “Before I forget, I spoke to my uncle while you were all out, he’s leaving for Peru tonight and he said hi. And also, I kind of told him that we might go visit my old home in Doncaster…” I trailed off.

“REALLY?!” Yelled Ells, it seemed like she never tired sometimes.

“Ugh, Ells, you’re too energetic sometimes, but yes, really. I think it’s time for me to go home and clear the air and I was hoping you’d all come with me?” I said turning it into a question.

Their eyes all lit up with excitement and I couldn’t help but grin at them as I got under the covers.

“We’d LOVE to!” Said Luce a little calmer than Ells.

“Thanks guys! You—” I stopped over come with a yawn, “You’re the bestest friends everer!” I tried again, grinning at them. “Night, everyone. I love you all!” I said drifting off to the sounds of my friends wishing me sweet dreams.


Louis POV

“Guys, I’m going to go and ring my mum for a bit, kay?” I said to my friends who were all still gossiping about the show we had all just seen. It was all really addicting stuff to watch. But I couldn’t quite enjoy it with the guilt eating away at me.

This afternoon while we had been out, I had gotten a call from an unknown number. I didn’t know who it had been so I had stepped away from my friends answering, while they walked on ahead enjoying the city.

I had recognised the voice immediately as Scarlet’s uncle Max. I was nervous at first, but he seemed quite calm and wasn’t yelling at me like I had assumed he would be.

He told me that he had just got off the phone with Scarlet and that she had told him everything. He wasn’t proud of what I had done, but accepted that nothing could be done about it anymore. He then went on to tell me that it was time my mother knew everything and that I left nothing out. I told him I was going to call her tonight and explain. Max thought that was a good idea seeing as Scar was preparing to visit Doncaster soon. He didn’t know when, but he wanted to make sure that me and the boys would go with her and that my mum knew about everything.

I wasn’t a very serious person most of the time, but I took in every single word this man said to me, and I agreed wholeheartedly.

I walked downstairs and walked into the hotel room. I figured I had at least an hour before the boys would come down, so I immediately typed in my mother’s number and pressed call. I knew it was late, but I didn’t really care. I knew mum would be up, and on the third ring she answered.

“Hello? Louis?” she said into the phone.

“Yeah, hey mum. How are you? Listen, we need to talk…” I said. “It’s about Scarlet…” I trailed off.

“Are you finally going to tell me what happened with you two 6 years ago?” She asked sounding sad.

“Mum I’m so sorry. Everything was my fault…”

And so I began to recount everything from both my side and Scarlet’s side of the story. I left nothing out, telling her everything from the moment I saw her small figure struggling in the pool, to the tough teenage beauty she had become. My mum would ask me a question here and there, but she hardly said anything.

It was one of the hardest stories I have ever had to tell…

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