It's been almost 6 years since Scarlet Archer has come back home to England.
Almost 6 years since that dreaded night.
But now she's back.
Back with her 3 friends Sophie, Ella and Lucy.
Together these girls plan to make the best of their holiday in England. But what will happen if the holiday of their dreams turns into Scarlet's nightmare.
When a run in with the boy who put her life in jeopardy occurs, what will she do? Will she be able to face her past demons and move on? Forgive and forget right? Well that's easier said than done....especially when this boy was now part of the world's hottest boyband One Direction....
Life has never been easy for Scarlet...and things just seem to be getting worse...


8. Gossip Girl


Gossip Girl



Third person POV




The next few days flew by without anyone even noticing. Things were still a little awkward between Scarlet and Louis and the tension was always there, but they weren’t as bad as before. Their friendship was building up again and they would constantly talk about the ‘old days’ as they liked to refer to it. Louis had begun to call her Red again and at first it had made her quite uncomfortable, but eventually she was used to it again, and realised she had missed the nickname.


They had gone out shopping as a group the day after everything had been explained, and had somehow managed to run into a group of fans, whom the boys stopped to with chat with for a while. Eventually though, the crowd simply got bigger and bigger and they all ended up bolting back to the hotel to get away from everything.


It was now almost 4pm Thursday afternoon and everyone was settled on the couch with a pile of popcorn each in the girls lounge room, waiting for Gossip Girl to begin. The boys had made a habit of barging into their room every morning and just stealing whatever the girls had in the fridge, then settling down in front of their tv waiting for them to wake up. At first it was a shock but eventually they just ignored the boys.


The past few days everyone had gotten closer than ever and they were basically inseparable, well most of them had been. Liam would disappear every now and then only to return later with a huge smile on his face. The girls suspected that he had a special lady in his life but didn’t push him for details. The boys on the other hand would constantly take the micky out of him, teasing him and dropping little hits here and there.


Scar and the other girls had been worried about how Sophie was taking all the banter between the boys and the fact that Liam might already be in a relationship, but she simply seemed to smile whenever Liam would return from his suspected dates.


“Guys! Guys! It’s about to start, the other program just ended! LOOK!” Said Zayn excitedly from where he was sat between Sophie and Scarlet.


They all turned to look at the TV, but before Gossip Girl could come on, the channel was interrupted by some sports and a presenter saying something about how Gossip Girl has been postponed for the final set of a tennis match between Andy Murray of Great Britain and Roger Federer of Switzerland


“Oh what?! You’re kidding me! I knew I should have bought the seasons on DVD!” complained Zayn glaring at Sophie. For the past couple of days, Sophie had taken it upon herself to prevent Zayn from getting any access to anything that could possibly relate to Gossip Girl. Whenever Zayn went shopping, Sophie went with him, whenever he had internet access; Sophie was there too, watching his every move. They had gotten in constant fights several times these few days and you would be blind to not have seen the sparks flying every time the two were together.


While those two had a glare off, the other boys continued to tease Liam about where he had been the whole day, the girls had become quite sick of being in the dark about Liam and his secret relationship and so they decided to put in place the plan they had devised earlier in the day.


“Hey Liam, can I borrow your phone for a sec?” Asked Ells acting as if everything was completely normal. Liam just grunted in response trying to fend off the rest of the boys who were now wrestling with him on the ground. Even though he was daddy direction, he still had his moments.


“Cool, let’s find out who his girlfriend is then girls.” Said a grinning Luce.


The boys all froze in place, with Liam scrambling to his feet looking panicked. “Wh-what are you talking about?” he asked trying to keep calm.


“Oh, well you know, the girl you sneak off to all the time and the boys always seem to make fun of you about? Yeah, we wanna know who she is.” Scarlet said taking the phone out of Ells’ hand and scrolling through his mentions.


“It wouldn’t happen to be Danielle Peazer now would it?” Said a grinning Sophie who had now joined them from her glaring contest with Zayn.


“Oh and look! It has a little heart next to it!” Said Scarlet, smiling evilly at Liam while he blushed and the other girls aww’d.


“Notice how he didn’t even deny it girls?” said Luce, smiling just as evilly as Scarlet.


“Ok fine! So I’m dating Danielle. You can’t tell anyone though! I don’t want her to get any hate so we’re keeping it on the down low.” Said a blushing Liam, while the girls began to giggle and ‘awww’.


“Don’t worry! Our lips are sealed! We wouldn’t tell a soul!” Said Sophie winking at Liam.


The girls had honestly thought Sophie would be quite upset by this news but she seemed to be taking it all in quite well.


“Oh, I know you wouldn’t Soph,” Said Liam looking at Sophie with a wide smile as if he knew something they didn’t. The girls looked between the two and saw that Sophie was now glaring at Liam. “I mean, you knew this whole time and you didn’t tell your best friends. I trust you won’t tell anyone else.”


The moment Liam spoke those words, Sophie placed her fingers in her ears as her friends turned to her and screamed, “YOU KNEW?!” the boys on the other hand jumped three metres in the air, including Liam, who had not suspected them to yell so loud.


Sophie looked at her friends sheepishly. “Sorry guys! But it was when I was following Zayn when he went out for a ‘walk’ to make sure the idiot didn’t buy any DVD’s. I kinda just accidentally ran into Liam and saw him with Danielle, while I was hiding in coffee shop to make sure Zayn didn’t see me stalking him. I confronted him later on and he ended up spilling it all to me but I promised I wouldn’t tell any of you.”


“I can’t believe you didn’t tell us you were seeing someone Liam!” Said a mad Ells, while Liam looked to the ground sheepishly.


“it’s ok though guys! He can make it up to us!” Said Scarlet excitedly.


“How?” asked a wary Liam, not trusting the looks on their faces.


“By inviting her over today to watch Gossip Girl and meet us of course!” Answered Scarlet.


Liam looked scandalised. “NO WAY! Who knows what you guys will do!” he almost yelled at them.


“Eh, well you’re too late on that front mate. We’re meeting her tonight whether you like it or not. I already texted her to come over to meet us and she agreed.” Said Luce, chucking the phone at Liam.


He looked at them with wide eyes. Then catching his phone he sighed in defeat and headed over to sit in front of the TV to watch the tennis match while his band mates all gave him sympathetic pats on the back.


“Yay! Don’t worry your pretty little head Liam. We won’t do any damage.” Said a grinning Ells.


Liam on the other hand wasn’t too sure.






About half an hour later, the tennis match was still going on and the girls were getting slightly bored, when there was a hesitant knock on the door making their eyes light up.


Before Liam could so much as stand up to answer the door though, the girls were already there opening it and welcoming in Danielle and pulling her into their rooms, locking the door behind them.


“Mate, good luck.” Said a sympathetic Harry, patting Liam on the back.



Scarlet POV



Danielle was stunning and we all hit it off immediately. I knew Liam thought we would embarrass him or ruin things or him, but really, we would never do anything like that. In fact, we rather did the opposite, talking about how much we all liked Liam and how much of a big brother he was to us now within the last few days.


Danielle smiled at us, telling us stories about the two of them. Apparently they had been going out for a year almost and she was very happy. She just wasn’t sure why Liam was keeping their relationship secret. I was pretty stunned to be honest. How they had kept a relationship secret for so long was beyond me. I guess Liam must really love her.


“Trust me babe, he’s doing it to protect you from the hate. I’ve seen the amount of hate they get. And not only them, fans that have been seen with him for about two seconds get death threats almost immediately after they met. It’s crazy to be honest. ” said Ells, I could tell she already considered Danielle one of her best friends already and we had only just met! But that was Ells for you. She made friends easily.


Danielle visibly relaxed after Ells said that. Maybe I should talk to Liam about going public. I mean, they could only keep it quiet for so long. We chatted for a while longer, Danielle telling us stories.


“I remember this one time, he took me out to dinner and he planned this whole romantic candle lit dinner in the evening just before the sun set and everything was so perfect, but he had forgotten to bring himself a fork and instead there were two spoons. You guys know how deathly scared he is of spoons, well I told him we could just forget about it and just go home and have something to eat there, but he refused and picked up the spoon. He looked at me and said ‘even if it means I have to face every spoon on the face of the earth, I will, if it means that I get to spend an evening with you’. It was the first time he told me he loved me. It was the perfect date.”


As Danielle told us of her evening, I couldn’t help but dream wistfully of my prince charming.


When would he come to my rescue and just sweep me off my feet? I wanted to have him take me out on dates like the ones Liam took Danielle to. I want to be loved the way she was loved by Liam. I could hear my friends taking in the background and I couldn’t help but drift off into la la land dreaming of my prince.


He would be one of the few people who could make me laugh and no matter what happened, I wouldn’t be able to stay mad at him for long periods of time. He would be the love of my life and he’s arms would be the one place where I would feel safe. He would be my best friend and where ever he was, would be home, because with him, I was whole. He would be the person to put me back together, mending me, little by little. Piece by tiny piece. His gorgeous, soft brown hair, which was not too dark, yet not too light, would fall slightly into his eyes in a semi Bieber cut. He would have the most amazingly beautiful blue eyes which would be shining with mischief and humour and one look into them, I would be lost swimming in the blue pools which took away all my pain, leaving me with the feeling that everything was right in the world…


Suddenly I saw someone waving their hand in front of my face and calling my name. “Yoo hoo, Scarlet!” sing-songed Luce with a smirk on her face.


“Huh, Oh, uh, sorry guys…I was kinda in my own world for a while…just thinking about things…” I said blushing slightly as Luce, Ells and Sophie smirked, had I said something while I was day dreaming? I tend to do that sometimes.


“Something, or rather someone?” Asked Danielle wiggling her eyebrows at me. Oh crap. I had something.


“Who was this ‘prince charming’ you were muttering about?” Asked Sophie, seeming intrigued yet acting like she knew something I didn’t.


I just blushed even darker red. Before I could answer though, someone banged on the door.


“Get your asses out here! Gossip Girl’s about to start!” Yelled Zayn sounding way more excited than a guy should be at watching such a show. I let out a breath as the girls explained to a puzzled looking Danielle about what had happened a few days ago and they all laughed, heading out to watch Gossip Girl with the others, seemingly forgotten all about my silly mutterings.


I heaved a sigh and followed them out, settling again next to Zayn, sitting on my right (I should thank I later for calling us when he did), who was sitting next to Sophie. He was glaring at her as she stole his popcorn.


On my left was Louis with another bowl of popcorn for both of us, while Niall was sat on the floor in front of Luce, leaning against her legs and Harry and Ells were bickering about who would sit where. That conversation was soon ended with Ells threatening Harry about sitting on his stomach again. Harry simply grumbled sitting on the couch then pulled Ells into his lap, grinning victoriously as she glared at him but settled in anyways. This had become a routine between those two and we all knew how it would end eventually, yet they would have the same argument every night.


Liam and Danielle were snuggled up together on the lone love seat, where Liam would kiss her every now and then on the forehead, cheek or lips causing her to smile. I couldn’t help the pang in my heart, wishing that I had someone like that, and so I averted my eyes before I looked too much like a creep staring at them sharing their private moments.


“SHHHH! IT’S STARTING!” Yelled Zayn putting the volume up on the tv and causing all conversation to cease as the narrator voice began to introduce the show.


I settled back in my seat, getting comfortable, ready to enjoy another long Gossip Girl marathon.



A/N: Sorry I took so long to upload, school was keeping me busy and a few personal issues. Stay Lovely.



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