It's been almost 6 years since Scarlet Archer has come back home to England.
Almost 6 years since that dreaded night.
But now she's back.
Back with her 3 friends Sophie, Ella and Lucy.
Together these girls plan to make the best of their holiday in England. But what will happen if the holiday of their dreams turns into Scarlet's nightmare.
When a run in with the boy who put her life in jeopardy occurs, what will she do? Will she be able to face her past demons and move on? Forgive and forget right? Well that's easier said than done....especially when this boy was now part of the world's hottest boyband One Direction....
Life has never been easy for Scarlet...and things just seem to be getting worse...


9. Celebrity Status

Chapter 8- Celebrity Status

AN: I would like to apologise in advance about the crappiness of this chapter. I’ really sorry you guys, I just didn’t really know what to write about. Things should start to pick up in the next chapter and I think I might introduce another character. Who knows! Anyways, stay gorgeous all of you and leave me some love at the end! J



It’s been two weeks since we had met Danielle and she was like the final piece to our puzzle. She was honestly one of the nicest people we had ever met and within two days we were all best friends.

The day after our gossip girl marathon, we had decided that we would just stay in and chill together getting to know one another, before the girls went shopping the next day. Everyone had stayed over the previous night, too afraid to go to their own rooms after watching the horror movie that was shown on tv after gossip girl.

We decided that our shopping trip was a bonding experience and that the boys weren’t allowed to come with us. It didn’t matter though because they were all called into the x factor studio by Simon as a last minute guest after The Wanted had to back out for personal reasons.

We all spent the shopping day spilling our guts out to each other and it seemed that Liam had filled Danielle in on my past with the help of the girls that night, after I had fallen asleep. After she found out, she had ignored Louis for a week, only speaking to him when necessary and she would only look at him with glares. It was quite funny watching Louis run around like a puppy trying to trick her into speaking to him again, he and Danielle were very close according to Zayn. But eventually even Louis being Louis, gave up and sulked around. Danielle finally thought he had been punished enough and began to talk to him again.

And now here we were backstage with the boys as they were getting ready to perform on the stage where they had first performed together officially, in front of thousands. It was safe to say that they looked like they were about to puke.

While everyone was preparing, Danielle had left to go and see some of her friends, so we all pulled Liam aside to interrogate him.

“When are you going to tell the world you have a girlfriend?” I asked him with a glare.

“What? Scar, I’m a little busy shitting my pants here about performing to think about that right now, excuse my language.” Said Liam looking a little green

“Lee,” Sophie began, her and Liam had gotten really close over the past couple of weeks. There had been a time where Danielle had thought she was cheating with Liam. Sophie had actually excused herself and thrown up after Danielle had confronted her about it, telling her that he was like the brother she never had. Dani knew she was being paranoid but the fact that Liam was yet to acknowledge their relationship publically was hurting her and she had confided in us that she was considering breaking up with Liam.

We couldn’t let that happen so Liam was going to spill the beans about their relationship or we were going to do it for him. We had plenty of pictures to back us up too.

“After the performance, you’re going to tell the xtra factor hosts, Caroline and Olly, that you have a girlfriend and that you two have been seeing each other for almost a year now.” Sophie continued in a calm manner.

“No way! She’ll get hate!” Liam said looking horrified at the idea of people sending hurtful messages to Danielle.

I just sighed and placed a hand on his shoulder, turning him to face me. “Liam darling, you can be quite thick sometimes. You do realise that by not admitting you’re in relationship with Danielle you’re hurting her yourself? She’s a strong girl, she can handle the hate. What she can’t handle is having her boyfriend keep their relationship secret. Trust me when I say that it’s in your best interest to tell people you’re seeing someone…unless you want to be dumped,” I added as an afterthought, causing all my friends to look at me with wide eyes.

“Bit harsh, Scar…” Muttered Lucy, nudging me.

“Sorry Liam, I didn’t mean—” but he cut me off.

“You’re right…I’ll announce it tonight…but don’t say anything to Danielle. I want to surprise her.” He said grinning and heading off to join the boys.

A few minutes later they were called onto stage and Danielle made her way towards us.


They were amazing. Their voices even better live than they were recorded. Especially Louis. I had known he could sing ever since we were kids, but he had improved so much since then. His voice was so much lovelier than I remembered and I felt myself getting lost in it. I shook myself out though, this couldn’t happen, not again. Not when the last time I let myself fall for him I ended up going too far and—“Don’t you think Harry has such a lovely voice?” Ells said distracting me from my thoughts. I watched her as she turned a bright red and covered her mouth with her hands, her eyes darting around as the boys made their way off the stage after speaking to the host for a few minutes.

“Someone has a cruuuuuuush!” I sing songed trying to distract myself from the dark thoughts in my head.

“Ohhh, I wonder if Harry knows!” Said Luce grinning and poking Ells in the ribs. Just then though, the boys made their way over to us and Liam headed straight to Danielle, pecking her on the lips.

“Hi there beautiful.” He said grinning at her.

“Ew Ew Ew! PDA! Make it stop! SUPERMAN’S EYES!” Yelled Louis running around covering his eyes. He ended up stubbing his pinkie toe into a coffee table and jumping around only to fall backwards over a lone chair. We all ended up laughing and rolling around on the floor while Louis just glared at us all before cracking a smile himself.

Once we stopped laughing, we congratulated the boys and talked to them about their performance and what it was like to be on that stage again.

After chatting for a while, the boys were needed backstage as a guest on xtra factor, so us girls made our way with them and sat down, watching them from on the screen.

True to his word, Liam revealed that he has a girlfriend whom he has been seeing for close to a year. Everyone was shocked to find out this news and that he had kept it hidden for so long, no one more so than Danielle however whose eyes had widened into saucers and the smile on her face seemed to reach the moon with how wide it was.

We all just grinned at her and nudged her teasingly.

The interview had then been distracted away from the fact that Harry had shared a drunken kiss with Caroline, onto Liam's secret relationship. Everyone had been quite relieved about this, especially Ells who had begun to look uncomfortable and highly upset as the conversation kept veering to how much Harry fancied Caroline.

After the interview was over and the boys all excused themselves from Olly and Caroline, they made their way over to us. Liam practically sprinted into Danielle’s arms and they began to make out. This wasn’t normal for them. They liked to keep PDA to a minimum, but we let it slide. After all, they had just taken a huge step in their relationship.

We were all exhausted by now and made our way into the boys’ car and just sat in a comfortable silence as we made our way back to our hotels.

“We’re here, sirs and ma’am’s.” The driver said.

We all jumped out immediately and headed over to the elevator and into our rooms yelling a goodbye to the boys as they got off on their floor. Danielle had been staying with us for the last couple of weeks and tonight was no exception.

Once in our room I flopped onto my bed and was drifting off to bed when my phone began to ring.

“Hello?” I spoke in a grumpy voice.

“Hi, is this Miss Archer?” Asked the voice on the other end of the phone.

“Yeah, who’s this?”

“This is Greg from reception. We have a slight problem I’m afraid ma’am.” Said the man named Greg.

“What kind of problem?” I asked sitting up and rubbing my eyes still grumpy.

“I…well, see there has been a confusion with the booking in for the rooms. It seems that someone has made the mistake of booking you in at the same time as someone else. And well, this person is of great importance and it would look bad on the hotel’s reputation if we tell them that the room they had requested had been booked out and well, we must ask you to leave I’m afraid. We can find you another hotel in which you can stay and we will be sure to refund and double all the cash you had paid for the hotel as an apology as well as pay for your stay at a different hotel.” The man blubbered on. I wasn’t really paying much attention; all I knew was that we had to leave.

“When do we have to vacate the room?” I asked him in a bored and tired voice.

“Uh, well, three days?” He asked sounding uncertain.

“Fine. We’ll be out by then, and don’t bother about finding us another hotel…however, flights to Doncaster would be lovely. I have family to visit.”

“Yes, yes of course. Anything you say. We apologise again for this mix up. Goodnight Miss.” He said before he hung up.

“Ugh,” I grumbled flopping onto my pillow. I had been putting off the trip to Doncaster, but now I had no choice.

“Who was that on the phone?” Asked Luce as she and the girls made their way into our room. Danielle was staying in the same room as me and Luce on the third bed, while Ells and Soph had the room to themselves still.

“It was reception. Apparently they made a mistake with the room bookings and they asked us to leave in three days. They booked a very important person into the same room as us. I’m guessing it’s a celebrity.” I told them without opening my eyes or lifting my head, I simply rolled over onto my stomach.

“WHAT?” Yelled Ells, I could tell she was pissed from her voice, and the other two we probably just as mad.

“But we paid for this room for a month!” said Sophie. Yep they were all mad.

“Don’t worry,” I said speaking into my pillow, “they said they would return all our money and double it. They also said they would find us another hotel and pay for that as well, but I told them not to worry about that.”

“I repeat, WHAT?” Said Ells sounding even more pissed.

“Babe, why would you do that?” Asked a slightly calm Luce.

“Because,” I said finally sitting up and looking at them, “I told them that they could buy us flights to Doncaster instead. I’m going home, and we have three days to pack, so tomorrow we buy whatever we need from London before we head back to my own personal hell on earth.” I said essentially ending all conversation and lying back down on my bed and closing my eyes, trying to drift off to sleep.

“Can I come with you guys? I have nothing to do for a while and I’m sure the boys will tag along anyway?” asked Danielle sounding uncertain.

“Of course babe. When I say ‘we’, you’re now part of that!” I said turning to grin at her.

As my friends began to discuss what we would need and where we would go tomorrow, I placed my headphones in and let the music take me to another place as I drifted off to sleep.




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