Well Abbeys Life did not turn out to plan after a horrid skiing accident thretens her life she finds there are more things in life then you think and you should not waste your time on people who will never love you. As she runs from her friends she finds a new life wanting to start again but will her feelings get in the way?


1. Dream


Authors Note: hey guys I'm Chloe, please read my story i have been inspired from all the other great movellas and thought i should write some :), I need help with character names i need  another girl plz help by commenting thanks 



"So how long have you been skiing for Abbey?" He was staring down at me with black eyes trying the brake into my sole "umm" I tried to pull a brave face "about 14 years" I tried to look at his face but it was covered by a dark shadow " well its seems here you have good knowledge of the slopes yes?" he was now standing in the sunlight blocking my sight "um yes" I looked down at my shoes not that he could see my face anyway "well then congratulations your hired" he now stepped out of the way of the light and I could see his smiling face, he held out his hand gesturing me to shake it " ohhh really! Thank you so much" I jumped up but instead of shaking his out stretched hand I pulled him into a hug but the hug turned out really awkward and I quickly let go.


"Hmmm what should I put you on?" "bing bing" his computer went off " one moment please Abbey" he walked over to his laptop looking at the email I presumed, I was watching his face as he finished reading his face lit up with excitement " Abbey!!! I know what I'm going to put you on I have just got an email asking for a 6 week young adult private tour with 5 people, would you like to take it?, all you have to do is take 5 boys on a tour of the mountain for 6 weeks only weekdays skiing then showing them around the lodge on the weekends, they say nothing is too expensive so make it as fun as possible and they are going to pay for your accommodation with them and all your meals for the six weeks, what do you say? My mouth dropped open to make a perfect "o"


"Really I would love to that's absolutely out of this world when do they get here?" I most likely looked like a complete idiot with the smile I had on my face but I did not care " hmmm it says here they are arriving this Friday night so tomorrow night, and all your stuff has been taken up to your room and all they clients stuff is there too so go make yourself comfortable and work out what you will be doing" " thank you again so much" I had a huge smile on my face as I started heading out the door " wait abbey I forgot to tell you that the clients will be skyping u tonight at 6:30 to sort everything out ok." “Yes ok thanks bye” I walked out the door and closed it behind me. I ran to the elevator as fast as I could there were no buttons or holes in the elevator! "Oh how are meant to work this thing? All I want to do is go to the pent house suite" just then the elevator leaped of the floor and shot me straight up. The doors slowly opened and I quickly steeped out.


"You have to be kidding me" my mouth dropped so low I swear it could of hit the floor, it was massive I was guessing I was standing the entrance derr. I walked towards the door to another room it was the loungeroom, it had a massive big screen TV with a webcam built in. I guess that's we're they call will come from there was a black leather lounge that was probably 3 meters long and on each end it went out to a long bed shape. There was another door I went though it and came to 6 more door all spaced evenly out along the wall I opened the end one, what a guess it was my bedroom it was massive much bigger than mine at home, there was a king sized bed pushed to one side of the room and a massive closet to the other! It even had its own ensuite bathroom which had a shower with a head that covers the whole thing and a bath and a makeup area which all ready had my makeup spread out on it. I walked back out into the entrance and this time went the other way it opened up to the kitchen then to and indoor pool and spa, wow was I a lucky girl!


I walked back into the Lounge room and looked at the time 6:29 pm “Crap!" I'm not even out of my ski clothes yet agar, I started to run to my bedroom but it was too late " bring bring, bring bring " I ran to the lounge room and quickly pressed answer " hello" I said puffing from all the running I had just down " hello, hey, hi ,hia, aloha" the 5 voice belted out, I could see 5 boys on the screen with his smiles on their faces " um I’m abbey I'll be your guide I guess while you are here in the snowy mountains" I smiled " hey Abbey they all chorused" I let out a little giggle "I'm James, I'm Sam and I'm N--" he was cut off by Samhand slapped on to his mouth, they all just started at me "what?" I said in confusion "um um nothing we will see you tomorrow right" "yea night" "night" off to bed I went.


The sun flooded into my room slowly waking me from my deep sleep, I rolled over and looked at the time "oh crap!!" I muttered under my breath, it was already 11:30 the boys would be here in 3 hours and I was a mess! I decided to hop into the shower to wake me up by the time I got out it was 12:30 man I was slow this morning. I ran over to my walking wardrobe and looked at my clothes "hum what should I wear?" Don't want to be too dressy but don't want to be under dressed, I decided on a pair of brown skinny jeans and a white top saying "Yolo" in big black letters and a white baggy jumper. I walked over to the mirror and looked at my hair my blond waves were a mess! I grabbed my brush and started going through them. By the time I was finished taming my hair it was 2:00! I had 30 minutes and they will be here I quickly threw on some light make up just some mascara and lip gloss. I looked in the mirror happy with what I had accomplished.


"Ding dong ding dong" I looked at the time, it was 2:30 I started frantically kicky all my dirty clothes to the other side of my room and slammed my door shut " Coming I called out whilst running through the doors. I finally got to the front door, " hi " I said when I opened the door to 5 boys " hey" they all replied running past me, they looked very confused as they ran round in circles " umm abbey do u happen to know where the kitchen is" Sam said with a cheesy grin " um it's through that door" and pointed in the direction of the door all the boys flooded into the kitchen eating anything they could find " um are you guys hungry " I gave out a little giggle " mmmhmmm" the boys chorused " well so am I so do u want to go out and get something?" I gestured " jendjichdnkd " I could not understand as he had a mouth full of food "swallow first" I said smile and feeling a little disgusted " yes we can go out for dinner at 6:00"Sam smiled " ok well I have to get ready" I said cheerfully running off to my room to get ready.


We left to go out as I ran across the snow racing the others to the restaurant I heard a bumming sound I ignored it “Abbey watch out” I heard a voice fatly scream but they were to late I was hit and out for good!


I slowly woke “Abbey Abbey wake up”


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