Invisible War

A poem about a condition that people and those who live with them struggle with every day, every hour, every minute of their lives.


1. Invisible War

I walk in the light but I live in darkness,

every minute is a battle and every day a war,

I will fight the demons that come throughout the night and day.


My body, soul and mind will be tested and cannot be found wanting,

broken so many times before, I am fragile,

wary of sound, sight and smell.


My mind conjures tricks and summons terrors to test my resolve,

images haunt me, I see them with my waking eyes,

nightmares can be but a word away.


I fear to sleep, I struggle to wake, I wish only for it to end,

but I must not succumb to drink, drugs or death. 


I take strength from my family, but no matter the people beside me I fight my war alone. 

My choice is this; to fight on or fall into darkness for eternity.


If I am to survive, 

If I am to live.


There can be 

No Surrender


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