Nicole and Luca have been friends ever since they were young. Now they have been dating for a couple days. All of a sudden Mark, Nicole's best friend, comes out of nowhere and brighten things up. Want to know what happens? Read to find out!


2. Trapped


Nikki's POV

   I awake to the sound of Luca. There's machines attached to me. I feel trapped.  I try to sit up. Pain shoots through my body, and I yell. "Nicole!" Luca says, getting up and standing by my side, holding my hand. I groan of pain.  I didn't know I got hurt so bad. I don't even know what happened. "Lie back down, you're in pain!" He yells. I look around. Unable to move. I know it will hurt. Why am I at the hospital..."Luca" I manage to say. "Yes?" "Why am I here?"
"You got hit by a drunk driver. You were in a coma for a week. I stayed here...the whole week." He replied. "What? Why did you stay here in this boring old hospital. Why? You should've gone home!" I yelled.
"I HAD TO! I couldn't bear to go home knowing every moment you could've died!" 
"Okay okay. Thank you." I say hoarsely.
He kisses me on the forehead. "I love you." He says. "I love you too." I say.
I tell him to go home, but he wouldn't listen. Eventually his mother came to get him. Tomorrow's the day I get out of the hospital and go home. Tomorrow night I'm going to surprise Luca by going to his house.

Luca's POV

It got really boring waiting for her to awake. I stared at her the whole time she was asleep. I couldn't sleep at night knowing she could die. The drunk driver that hit her was my ex.  I told her that I loved Nikki, not her. Then I went to Nicole's house. Then she hit her. What a week. Nikki awakes ,trying to sit up. "Nicole! Lie back down you're in pain!" I can't believe she woke up! I still can't bear to see her in pain. It hurts me more than it hurts her. She speaks hoarsely, and I could tell she is almost unable to talk. I walk up to her, and hold her hand. I explain everything to her, I don't want to tell her my ex hit her. She asked me why i stayed. I yelled out everything. How much I missed her, and I stayed because I love her. I build enough stregnth, and without even noticing, I kiss her on the forehead. Now I' ll know for sure if she loves me; "I love you" I whisper. "I love you too." She responds.

I don't want to go home. But my mom had to pick me up from the hospital. Now I just really hope, my ex, Elizabeth,  won't revolt again.

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