Nicole and Luca have been friends ever since they were young. Now they have been dating for a couple days. All of a sudden Mark, Nicole's best friend, comes out of nowhere and brighten things up. Want to know what happens? Read to find out!


3. Tears


Luca's POV     Bleep! I got a text.   From: Elizabeth </3  Heyy baby open the door!! luv uuu!!   What the heck? Why on earth....would....I... I go to the door and open it. Elizabeth runs inside, straight into my bedroom. I really thought she was more mature than this. I yell "Get out of my house! I never invited you in!" "Come here babe!" She responds. I'm only going up there to tell her to get out. I'll do whatever it takes. My bedroom is on the first floor, (Thank God!) so this way I can kick her out of my window so my mom won't see. Luckily, my mom is upstairs sleeping.  I walk in.  I sit on my bed and tell her to get out. "Please leave. I don't love.." She forced herself on my lips!! I'm pushing away so hard! She won't stop kissing me! "Get off!" I yell, pushing her off the bed. "Luca?" Nikki says. Just then I see Nikki in the doorway with her mouth open. "Nicole...It's not what it looks like!! Eliza...." She runs away before I could finish.  "You..." I say pointing my finger at Elizabeth "you set me up! I can't believe you!" I say angrily. I shake my head and start running after Nikki. "Nicole!" I yell. I see her at the corner of my eye, running into the woods, the pathway to the meadow. I slow down, and follow her.     Nicole's POV     I used to be good friends of Lizz. I guess I'll text her. (Why not?)    To: Lizz :)   Hey  What's up?   I don't even think she remembers me. We last talked about a year ago.   From: Lizz :)   Hi! nothing   To: Lizz :)   Just going over to my boyfriend's house...Going to surprise him! :D   From: Lizz :)    Oh....okay.... ttyl!   About ten minutes later I go to Luca's house. I knock on the door. No answer. He usually answers. I grab the key from under the mat, where Luca always left the spare. "Luca?" I call. Still no reply. I look through the kitchen, no Luca. I started getting worried. I heard someone talking in his bedroom. It's him I think to myself. "Luca?" I asked walking into the room. I see him making out with a brown haired girl with gray eyes...Elizabeth? Thats her!  My heart is pounding, I can't take it anymore. I'm breaking! He stares at me for a moment, and says "Nicole, It's not at all what it looks like!" My mouth is open. My heart dying inside me. Lizz smirks at me, and the tears follow.  I run away. I keep running. I run to the meadow.


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