Nicole and Luca have been friends ever since they were young. Now they have been dating for a couple days. All of a sudden Mark, Nicole's best friend, comes out of nowhere and brighten things up. Want to know what happens? Read to find out!


1. Help

Nicole's POV      I feel the warmth of his hug in my heart.  I love him so deeply. "I have to go home...It's late enough." Luca says.  "Okay, I'll see you soon." I say. I walk with him to his house. "Oh! You forgot something...wait here." I say.  I run back to my house and fetch his guitar.  I wonder how forgetful he can be. I see him up ahead. Right where I told him to stay. I'm running on the sidewalk when I see this blue corvette heading straight towards me!  I run, forgetting everything.  I trip, and everything goes black. Luca's POV I hug her. I would kiss her, but I'm not strong enough. I wish she could know how much I need her. How much I love her.  I have to go, otherwise my mom will be so mad at me. I say I have to go home. She's walking me home. I smile. Darn, I forgot my guitar at her house. I was thinking about Nikki so much that I guess I forgot it. A blue corvette is passing by me. I see her running to me. She trips and falls In the street. I run to her, as fast as I can. My heart is breaking, dying, asking so many questions. The car hit her! "Nicole? Nicole!!" I scream...she isn't awake...I call 911.

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