Love hurts (A one direction fanfic)

Through many turn of events Anna has a strong relationship with heart throb Zayn Malik. She starts off by being a good fan, forgetting about 1D, unexpectantly meeting them, and eventually falling in love. At near the end Anna hits her head. Then everything changes........


12. Waitresses and waitors

I soon got the dress on. Got my heals on, did my make up and hair, and was soon off to get the mascarade ready. "Oh good your here, and gorgeous as well", you'll be waitressing, be polite. Let me remind you these people are very well known, there will be many photographers, act well behaved, do your best to talk in a british accent. You'll be waitressing for like an hour then you'll get an hour to have fun a bit, it will do that session again then it's over and you have to clean up", the man said.

"Uhhh I never got your name", I asked. "My name is Tyler, and yours must be??....."he asked me. "I'm Anna", I answered. "Well, get ready it starts in about an hour say hi to some other waitresses, and waitors I hope you enjoy this job. Oh and unless your 18 or over you can't drink any alchohol", he soon said as he left. "I went into the ballroom, it was well amazing!

I soon went to the place where I would be serving. "Gosh these people must be really important", I said already practicing my brittish accent. "Actually yeah there are going to be a lot of faumous people here", I turned around to see a waitor, he was cute and brittish. "Oh hi didn't see you there", I said now officially talking in a Brittish accent for the whole party.

He was wearing a mascarade mask, he held out one toward me and I soon took it. "Do we all hace to wear one", I asked. "Yeah", he said. I soon put it on. He had brown blonde hair with blue eyes. "It's a good thing tyler finally hired a cute waitress", he said smiling at me. I blushed " thanks, your not that bad either", I said smiling back. "haha this year it won't be as bad knowing i've got company", he said.

"Yeah maybe you could help me, i've never done really anything like this soo.." i trailed. "I can help you don't worry, and I got one question though", he asked. "What is it", I asked. "Are you american", he soon asked me. "How'd you know"? I asked kinda shocked. "Well your not using any brittsh word and you use "swag" words, plus I know an american when I see one I am american you know", he replied.

"really? prove it", I said. "Does this prove it", he replied talking in an american accent. I laughed. He soon showed me around along with some flirting. It would soon start. "Uhh I never got you name, or age", I asked. "Oh sorry I'm Alex and I'm 18", he said with his perfect smile. "I'm Anna, 17", I soon said. "Nice lets get ready they'll be here soon", he said. I could tell he was excited, but not as much as me. I needed some way not to fan girl if I meet someone I adored. I would pinch myself if it helped.





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