Love hurts (A one direction fanfic)

Through many turn of events Anna has a strong relationship with heart throb Zayn Malik. She starts off by being a good fan, forgetting about 1D, unexpectantly meeting them, and eventually falling in love. At near the end Anna hits her head. Then everything changes........


4. Vain Zayn

We were all together sitting on the couch watching tv when I got a text it was from nick. He said we should hang out tomorow maybe. I replied: Love too!! I started smiling like crazy. I guess Zayn noticed. "why have been so happy lately", Zayn asked smirking. "Uhh nothing", I said. He then grabbed my phone. I tried to grab it out of his hand, but failed. He began running as I was chasing after him. He went into a room and locked it. Then he opened the door smirking at me.

"Now tell me about that Nick guy",Zayn asked. "HE's the new neighbor", I replied. "Cool is he cute" Zayn said acting like a girl. "Cuter then you", Isaid jokingly cause I knew he would get mad. "what did you say", Zayn asked. "I said he was cuter then you", I said again. "was that a challenge", he said as he smirked. He raised and eye brow. "Maybe", I said. I started running awatas he chased me. Hethen tackled meon the ground and held me down. "Zayn let me up", I said laughing. "Tell me I'm the most gorgeous person on earth first",He said. "your the second most gorgeous person on earth", I said.

"Well then who is it, Nick??" He asked. "No me!" i said joking around. In walked Harry. "Zayn what are you doing", Harry asked sounding kind of mad. "Uhh nothing, just playing around with eachother", he said as he let me free. Louis shortly came in after that. "Anna, I know a guy who likes you", Louis said. "I know my dad likes me Louis you don't need to tell me that", I said smailing. "No, actually it's-, Louis got cut off by Harry. "Louis don't", Harry said. "Harry I have to", Louis said to Harry. "Curly over here likes you",Louis said. I looked over at Harry who was blushing. 

"Haha you guts are all so cute", I said. "Anna please you don't need to say I'm cute I know I'm cute, Zayn said. "Zaynie Zaynie oh so vainy", Louis said. I laughed and everyone else did too. Harry actually liked me. It was just a little crush so it would probably fade away soon anyways. I hoped at least. Everyone soon began to go on their phones. "You guys are addicted to twitter", I said. "Yeah well you would to if you had over a million followers", Zayn said. " Whatever", I said. "I followed you just now", Harry said.

I went over to him and leaned in to see his phone. "Look at all those people mentioning you in their tweets, I'm jealous", I said to harry joking. "I'm jealous of your boyfriend", Harry said. I blushed. "I don't have a boyfriend", I replied sorta embaressed. "Really?? I thought for sure someone as beautiful as you would be taken", he said. I blushed even more. "What about you curls?? No girlfriend??I said. Ithought since he was fliting with me I could flirt back. "haha well I'm going to get a girlfriends when I know your taken"he replied. "Now I knwo why they call you the flirt", I said. He laughed. I saw the time.

"Hey Zayn can you take me home", I asked. "yeah sure", He said. We drove back and guess who was outside, nick. "Hey is that Nick", Zayn asked. "Yeah act cool", I said back. Zayn rolled his eyes. "I saw that", Isaid jokingly. "Hey Anna", Nick said. "Hey Nick this is Zayn ,Zayn this is Nick, I introduced them . Zayn was looking at him disaprovingly. "Nick, uhh Zayn is a close friend", i told nick. They shook hands. "Well I'm heading back", Zayn said. "Kk", I yelled as he left.

"Sorry about Zayn, he can be moody sometimes", I said to Nick. "It's cool, and is'nt he the guy from One Direction"? Nick asked. "Yeah, he's cool if you get to know him", I said. "Yeah you two are'nt together are you", Nick asked. "No he's like a brother to me", I said. "Oh ok", i said. "It's getting late, and my mom will be home soon so see yeah tomorow"?? Nick asked. "Yeah", I said. We left and I soon went to bed and fell asleep.   

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