Love hurts (A one direction fanfic)

Through many turn of events Anna has a strong relationship with heart throb Zayn Malik. She starts off by being a good fan, forgetting about 1D, unexpectantly meeting them, and eventually falling in love. At near the end Anna hits her head. Then everything changes........


18. Then theres Harry

I had no one at all I cried in my room forever feeling sorry for myself. I heard a knock on the door. I looked to see it was Harry. I opened it. "Harry what are you doing here"I asked still crying a little. "I knew that you were'nt going to be ok with Zayn cheating on you so I thought I could come over and comfort you" he said. I soon invited him in.

"Thanks Harry, I really needed someone to help me get through this..... your really great for doing this, here sit down I'll get you a drink any specific drink you want" I asked not crying anymore. "Water please" I soon got water for him. I sat down next to him and smiled. "Harry you don't have to help but I really appreciate it" i smiled. "I just wanted to be close friends since you seem like a great person, Zayn talked about you a lot.....
" he trailed.

I nodded and soon told him about how lonely and depressed after I knew Zayn cheated on me. I soon began crying "I-I'm sorry it's just over whelming, and ....." I trailed. I looked over at him he was already looking at me. He was'nt smiling though and his hands were clenched. "Harry are you mad at me"I started to worry. What if he hated me too!

"No it's just I can't beleive Zayn did that to you.... and made you cry", Harry said. His hands were uncleched but he was still tense. "I can't beleive it either", I mumbled. "Anna....  I-I like you",Harry said. "Yeah that good someone who does'nt hate me", I said smiling a little. "Yeah", he soon replied. Harry no longer look mad, but sad..... he was looking down. "Harry?? Are you ok???" I asked. "Yeah", he said.

 He gave me a fake smile. I gotta go we can hang out later you have college tomorow right??" He asked. "Yeah I guess", I said remembering I had to wake up early tommorow. UGH! "You got a  ride?" He asked. "No I planned on walking",I said. "I can pick and drop you off if you like", he said.

"Is it good with your schedule?" I asked. "Yeah actually it fits perfectly", he replied. "Oh ok I guess... as long as Zayn is'nt there thought... you understand right??"I soon replied. "Yeah I won't let him come near you don't worry about him just focus about college, and maybe I can help you", Harry said.

"Yeah great", I smiled at him. I hugged him hoping he would'nt feel sad as much for somereason he just seemed sad anyways.... He hugged back it was a long hug but I'm glad it was because it made me feel better. "Bye Anna" he said starting to leave. "Bye don't forget to pick me up",I soon said. "I'll call you before I come" he said and left.

I felt closer with Harry. He made me forget about Zayn when he was with me. I soon looked up him on google. I felt like a stalker but that made me realize how Harry looked. I never really looked for his features when he was with me so I never realized that he was soo..... good looking. I went on my twitter I looked at his page to see a really recent tweet.

Saying.."I think I'm in love, but it hurts". I now realized why he was sad cause some girl didn't love him back! That must really hurt reminded me of Zayn and how sweet he was anf how he was well two faced. Which soon lead to crying again.

The sun was setting when I heard a knock on the door. I saw Zayn. I wanted to hide and leave him hanging and cry harder when I saw him. He didn't look drunk but looked like he was a few hours ago. I doon got to my sense and opened it. "Your such a slut" he yelled at me. "Iam after you had sex with Perrie! You should'nt be talking", I said back. "I was drunk! I then find out that Harry was at your house"He yelled.

"It does'nt matter if you were drunk or not, obviously we should have stayed as friends since you aparantly can't control your drinking problem", I said with aggression. "If I see you and Haarry anywhere near eachother you'll both regret it", he yelled. "What the heck is wrong with you why do you care"I screamed. "He just wants to have sex and once you realize it don't come crawlin back to me, did you actually think someone like you", he said as he walked away.

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