Love hurts (A one direction fanfic)

Through many turn of events Anna has a strong relationship with heart throb Zayn Malik. She starts off by being a good fan, forgetting about 1D, unexpectantly meeting them, and eventually falling in love. At near the end Anna hits her head. Then everything changes........


6. Nick

Anna's POV: The next day me and Nick decided to hang out with eachother. We wanted to get to know eachother better. "So what do you want to do", I asked him. "I don't know actually", he said. "Oh well maybe we can ding dong ditch", I said. "You prank people too", He asked excitedly. "yes!!" I replied. We then began ding dong ditching peoples houses for an hour. We then went back to his house still laughing.We sat down when a phone rang. "Hey mom",Nick answered. "I'm hanging out with the neighbor", he said. "Yes it's Anna", he looked embaressed. Which made me smile at his embarressment. "Uhh I guess,, k bye mom, love ya too." He hung up. "My moms on her way home", he said. "Oh should I leave", I asked. "Actually she wanted to meet you, and for the heads up she is really embaressing", Nick said. "Are,nt all parents", I said laughing. I hope his mom would like me!! We talked for a while more when the door opened, it was Nick's mom. "Hello Nick, you must be Anna", she said smiling. "Hi", we both said. "My names Linda btw", she said smiling. She was very happy, and cheeky."Nice to meet you Linda" I said smiling back. "Nick talks about you all the time, and you were the first girl he ever brang home, they were probably ugly", she said almost to a whisper. "Uhh mom..."Nick said. "we're just friends", I said giving him a wink. "Yeah for now", he said back with a wink in return. "Well nice meeting you Anna", Linda said. "You too! Enjoy dinner", I said leaving. "I'll try", Nick said joking. "Meet Alina, and Yuliya when your done they're close friends, you'll like them", I said. "I will", Nick replied. I soon left his house with a smile on my face. I texted him an hour later. (Anna):Hey did you meet them yet??(Nick):Yeah they're pretty cool, they seem to like me. (Anna): Great! So what did you guys talk about?? (Nick) They kept asking me if I like you..... (Anna) Hahaha what'd you say?! (Nick): I said yes..... (Anna): This some sorta practical joke or is this for real??? (Nick): Sorry! Rushing into things maybe! Uhh maybe become better friends before you know close..... (Anna) Agreed! (Nick): Cool! School is soon so hope we have the same classes together!! (Anna): Yeah crossin my fingers! (Nick) Well I gotta go help my mom..... so bye! So he liked me back! I never felt so happy!! The one guy I liked, liked me back. Wow this was gonna be great! I could hook Harry or Zayn with Alina, and Yuliya has Niall. Louis and Liam already have girlfriends so everyone would be happy.

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