Love hurts (A one direction fanfic)

Through many turn of events Anna has a strong relationship with heart throb Zayn Malik. She starts off by being a good fan, forgetting about 1D, unexpectantly meeting them, and eventually falling in love. At near the end Anna hits her head. Then everything changes........


2. Mystery Guy

I woke up at 10:00 a.m. and began getting ready to meet this mystery person at starbucks. I knew it probably was'nt the smartest thing but it would make my life more interesting. I got ready made sure I looked decent, just incase it was a cute guy. I headed there at 11:30 and soon got there 11:59. Perfect timing. I ordered a latte. I sat eating it when I saw someone some sit across from me.....

  It was Zayn. "Are you the one that texted me", I asked. "Yeah", He said. "Uhhh how'd you get my number in the first place", I asked. "Yuliya gave it to all of us while you were in the bathroom", he replied. Why would Yuliya do that? I would never date these guys, only friends. I'm no pervert! I sat there thinking how mad I was at Yuliya 'till Zayn interupted my thought. " We needed to talk", he said. "I'm all ears", I replied. "Well I'm assuming you heard me and Perrie arguing in the bathroom", he said.

"Zayn, don't worry I won't spread rumors I'm not like that", I told him. "I know I did'nt tell anyone about it either because if I did it would make me upset, but you already know soo.....",Zayn trailed. "So what"?? I asked. Gosh he was confusing. " I needed someone to talk about it, so I could get it off my chest", he explained. "I understand", I said. " I really loved her, and the fact she was taking advantage of me made my heart break", he explained.

"There will be people like that too. Trust me I know how you feel, she did'nt deserve you, and the fact that you two are no longer together will make her band less popular, so you already have your karma",I said. "We always said I loved you two eachother, but now I know the difference..... I was'nt lying"Zayn said. I could see tears in his eyes."Zayn please don't cr-, I got off by Zayn crying hard. I hugged him hoping he would feel better, but he just cried harder into my shoulder.

"Maybe we should go somewhere more private", I said. He nodded. "I know where we can talk, I'll take you there", I said. I got in the car and he went on the other side of me. "Thanks", he mumbled. "for what?" I asked. "Being there for me, understanding me, espeacially since I met you just a few weeks ago", he said. I finally drove up to Wapato Park, not the best but it was quiet and peaceful. We sat down on some grass. "I judged you wrong, I thought you were a player that only cared about himself, but now that I know you....."I trailed. He looked up at me "what?" he asked.

"Your one of the coolest guys I've met, and not for being in One Direction but for being you", I said. "Anna your the best", he said. "yeah I know" I replied vainly. He laughed at my humor. "Anna when I do go back to Londen let's stay in contact, and visit eachother" Zayn said. "Yeah that would be cool", I said. "Zayn I have no idea how it was possible for her to not love you, your absolutly amazing inside and out." I said.

"Thanks, I know this is kind of personal but have you ever had a boyfriend?" Zayn asked. "Actually no", I replied. "Why?"He asked. "Never found one, waiting for that speacial someone...."I trailed. "Harry told me not to tell anyone but he has a crush on you", Zayn said. "Sure he does", I said sarcasticly. "Fine don't beleive me, but when he asks you out on a date, don't blame me if your not prepaired", Zayn said. "Harry's not for me", I said. "why?? Girls would kill for him to have a date with him", Zayn said laughing. "I don't trust him for some reason", I said. "Don't worry if Harry ever hurt you, well he would have me to mess with",Zayn said smiling at me.

"Well i should get going, you have a ride orrr......"I trailed waiting for him to answer. "Yeah, don't worry about it", he said. "Ok, text me when you can", I said. He smiled. We said good bye and I went home. I went on Instagram with me and Zayn hugging. Great I though just great. I had a lot more followers on instagram and twitter.  People asking me about me and Zayn being together. I then tweeted that we were ONLY friends. Then a girl replied, really the way he looked at you I swear it was love. UGH everyone thought they knew love when they see it...... but thats not true you don't see it you feel it.







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