Love hurts (A one direction fanfic)

Through many turn of events Anna has a strong relationship with heart throb Zayn Malik. She starts off by being a good fan, forgetting about 1D, unexpectantly meeting them, and eventually falling in love. At near the end Anna hits her head. Then everything changes........


30. Make you remember

Anna's POV: I soon woke up to see Zayn. "Well good morning beautiful", He said giving me a warm smile. "Hey Zayn", I replied. "Did you you sleep well", he asked. "Yeah how are you?" I asked. He didn't answer..... "Ok then..." I trailed. "Anna know that you forgot everything but I need you to take you somewhere.... maybe then you'll remember", he said. "Ok". I doubted I would remember. It felt so empty not knowing anything.....

He grabbed my hand and walked me to his car. I felt safe when I was with him. "I want to take you to somewhere rememberable", he said. We soon drove up to this really trashed park. He soon stopped at the very poor park. "This is the supposely rememberable park?" I asked. "Just follow me", he said. We both went out of the car and went on a trail. I saw a ledge of rocks. He gently helped me climb over them.

When I saw the other side I saw a gorgeous park. A small pretty waterfall, green soft grass everywhere, a little pool that was as clear as a raindrop, and a tree......... I looked at him and our eyes met. He leaned in close to me...... he got closer........ our faces were almost touching when...... we kissed. Then I remembered everything. To reassure him I kissed back.

I felt a smile spread across his face and then on mine. He pulled away and whispered in my ear "I beleive you remember am I right?" he asked with the same old smirk. Did you actually think I would'nt remember someone as great as you", I replied. "Anna I need to ask you something", our eyes locked as he said this. "Anything" ,I replied. "I want us to always be together....... so I went us to live together... without the boys...... so we can always be together", Zayn said.

"How could I say no! YES of coarse!!" I replied. He then had a huge smile plastered on his face. "I have it ready..... I already bought it just my stuff is being moved into it right now and I thought we could get your stuff too" he said. "Sure let's go", I replied. He soon gave me a piggy back ride to the car. We both got in and drove to my apartment.

I packed all my stuff and began carrying it out to the car little by little. "Need help?" Zayn asked. "No I got i-", he soon grabved some of the stuff in my hand. "Zayn how are you such a gentlemen?" I asked. "How are you such a lady?"he asked. We then had my stuff and we drove to what was now our house.

It was a huge 2 story house. Luxurious, beautiful, perfect. "Zayn this is to much", I said. "You don't like?" he asked in concern. "No! I love it it's perfect but...... didn't it cost a fortune", I asked. "I have more then a fortune", he said. "But-" he cut me off. "It's fine go and unpack and we'll pick out which is gonna be each room", he said.




I was so happy! I was feeling this because I knew one thing for sure... that me and Zayn were going to be living together. We were officiallly getting more serious.

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