Love hurts (A one direction fanfic)

Through many turn of events Anna has a strong relationship with heart throb Zayn Malik. She starts off by being a good fan, forgetting about 1D, unexpectantly meeting them, and eventually falling in love. At near the end Anna hits her head. Then everything changes........


19. First day of college

Anna's POV: I woke up to my alarm clock blasting on high. I quickly got dressed, curled my hair, and added a dash of makeup. I was finally ready when Harry called. He said he was on his way. I gathered my stuff and waited out my door. I saw Harry pull in. He wasn't alone though he was with Zayn.

"Didn't expect me here did you, now no hugging kissing talking or touching eachother got it you two. Anna get in the back seat or walk" Zayn said to me. Harry looked at me with an apologizing look. "No eye contact either", he said. "Why ar eyou doing this" I asked him angrily (ZAyn). "Because I loved you and I'm not letting you love someone else. I was drunk I was being stupid and I'm sorry for everything please", he was begging me. 

"Zayn you screwed up this is a really wrong time to tell me this I'm just going to walk", I began walking. "Anna I know you want me,I know you love me, and I know you really want to kiss me. "Why don't you ever listen to me! We're done! Now would you please just keep your distance from me", I said. "I'll get you, I garuntee", he said. I soon walked away mad at them both.

"Both of you just leave me alone and don't bother picking me up from school I'd rather walk", I yelled as I quickly walked my way to college leaving them there speechless. I went and got my classes.  I got Medical class, dance and acting, math ect. It went really well actually. I soon walked home. I was so tired when I saw my apartment I just sat at the end of the stairs and sat.

"Are you mad at me", I turned around to see Harry starring at me. I ignored him and walked in side but he stopped me. He pushed me againt the wall and leaned close to me. He whispered in my ear "I'm so sorry he said if I didn't let him come he'd quit the band". I looked at him then starred down. I could see Harry was starring at me. "I understand" I said. He sighed with releif. Now I want you to come over later and make up with Zayn, so you two don't hate eachother" Did he just tell me to like Zayn?? "Are you out of your mind?" I asked in shock.

"Anna this is my career we're talking about", Harry said. "I know and I'm sorry it's just....."I didn't know what to do. "Please", he begged. "Singing together is one of the best things that ever happened to me, I can't just let him quit because if he quit we all quit", he looked sad mad probably at me. "Ok I'll talk to him", I mumbled. "Ok lets go to our apartment and you can talk to him", he said excited.

Good thing I was wearing waterproof mascara! He drove me there. I din't talk to him because well I was obviously mad at him. I walked in to have Liam, Niall, and Louis hugging me. For one of the first time I smiled today. "Hey ya guys", I said hugging him back. "Where have you been, we've heard a lot about you", Louis said. "Yeah, I missed ya guys so much!"

We said our hi's. :Wheres Zayn?" I asked. "He's locked up in his room good luck trying to get him talking", Niall said. "Ok I'll try", I said. I quietly walked to his room. All I heard was crying..... Was he crying because of me or something else? I guess I'm going to have to find out. I took some breaths then quietly knocked on the door and waited for a respnse.

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