Love hurts (A one direction fanfic)

Through many turn of events Anna has a strong relationship with heart throb Zayn Malik. She starts off by being a good fan, forgetting about 1D, unexpectantly meeting them, and eventually falling in love. At near the end Anna hits her head. Then everything changes........


3. Crush

The next day I figured out there were new neighbors. I decided to greet them. I usually made them cookies as a welcome gift. I went to knock on the door. I heard some shuffling and saw someone open the door. It was a guy about 18. He had brown spiked hair, with dark brown eyes. He was lean, but had muscle. I never was attracted to a guy but around him I guess I was.

"Since your the new neighbor I wanted to greet you", I said. He smiled "Thanks, uhhh come in", He said. I came in to see the furniture in but some boxes were needed to be unpacked. "here sit down", he said leading me to his couch."Thanks I never learned your name though", I said. "I'm Nick and yours" he said smiling. "I'm Anna I live across the street", I told him. "Uhhh maybe we can hang out later cause i need to unpack", he said. "I can help if it's ok",I said. "Ok, I guess that would help us to get to know eachother better", he said.

We started unpacking his things. "So how old are you", I asked. "i'm 16", he said. "I'm 16",I replied. "Oh what school do you go to?" He asked. "mt.tahoma", I replied. "Do you know what high school you going to?" I asked. "The same as yours", he replied smiling. "Cool, hey do you live here alone orr..."I trailed. "Me my mom and my older brother",he replied. We were done unpacking by then. "Thanks for the cookies, I should eat them while they last before my brother comes home", he said smiling.

I loved it when he smiled. I think for the first time ever I had a crush. He was funny cool nice and cute. "Yeah so I should probaby be going, see ya around?"I said. " Yeah maybe we could text too", he said. "sure", i pulled out my phone and we exchanged numbers. We said good-bye ans I left his house smiling. I quickly got a text. Ichecked to see it was from Zayn: Want to hang out at my place?? I replied: Sure when?? He answered back quickly: Right now you ready? I replied: Yeah see ya soon! I told my mom that I would be hanging out wih Zayn and she  did'nt seem to mind.

Zayn was soon here, I jumped in the car and we drove to his hotel room. I did'nt realize I was still smiling from when I met Nick. " Hey, your smiling an awful lot", Zayn said. "Yeah", I said. "What did you do this time", Zayn said. "Suprising;y nothing really except...." i trailed. He gave me a weird look and smiked. "We're here", I said breaking the silence. We soon went in his hotel and sat down on the couches. When Louis and Harry walk in. "zayn you did'nt tell me they were going to be here", I said. "What you don't like us", Louis asked. "No I just thought that me and zayn could....."I trailed. "You do know that Zayn has a girlfriend", Louis said.

"Zayn you did'nt tell them yet"!? I asked surprised. Zayn started looking depressed. "No", he mumbled. "Tell us what", Harry asked. "Anna, can you tell them"Zayn said. I could tell he was holding back his tears. "Yeah", I said. I walked out of the room, so Zayn would'nt hear me and feel worse. "Perrie took advantage of ZAyn, and they broke up", I said. "OMG", Louis said. "Yeah I know",I replied. "you two don't have something do you " HArry asked. I looked at Harry to see him starring in space. I could feel jealousy in his voice. "No we're just close friends", I replied.  " oh ok" they both said. We then went back in with Zayn and started to watch some T.V.





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