Love hurts (A one direction fanfic)

Through many turn of events Anna has a strong relationship with heart throb Zayn Malik. She starts off by being a good fan, forgetting about 1D, unexpectantly meeting them, and eventually falling in love. At near the end Anna hits her head. Then everything changes........


23. Competition starts now

Anna's POV: I wake up to my alarm clock of "don't wake me up" by chris brown. "I'm up", I yell at the alarm clock. The song keeps going. "No you don't wake me up", I say to the alarm clock. "Who are you talking to" I see Harry walk in. "Uhhhh what are you doing here?" I asked. "I wanted to drive you to school", Harry flashed a smile. "Is Zayn ok with this?" I asked. "We made an agreement don't worry about it", Harry said.

This was confusing...... "Well I just woke up and I need to get ready soo..." i trailed hoping he would leave. "Soo what?" he asked. "I need to change so you watchi tv while I get dressed", I replied annoyed. "Theres nothing wrong with your body", he replied. "Harry either I send you out into the living room or send you back home", I said getting angry. "And what if I don't", he said getting close. Maybe to close.....

"I'll call Zayn", I replied hoping he would back off. "Me and Zayn made an agreement so he would'nt care", Harry smiled. "Harry I need to hurry and get ready so would you just please go to the living room", I begged. "Not untill we het our first kiss", he replied getting even closer. "Har-", he cut me off by getting his face all up in mine. He was about to kiss me! I quickly moved so he was soon kissing the wal.

When he realized he he backed away. "Why don't you want to kiss me?" He asked. "Why are you all of a sudden acting like a jerk?"I asked. He looked down. "I thought you would like me better..... I thought you would start feeling different about me and..." he trailed. "Harry if anything I like the old you better please chenge it back this playa side of you is scaring me...." I didn't know what else to say so I waited for an answer.

"So you like the real me?? Most girls usually like how I'm a playa and not really the really me....well except you." He finished. "Those girls got to be sluts no ofense Harry", I said back. "Well I am a man whore" he joked. I kissed his cheek and his eyes lighted up. "Now be a gentlemen and wait outside while I change", I said back. He smiled. "Don't worry", he flashed a smile.

I quickly got dressed and went in the bathroom to do my hair and make up. I didn't have enough time to really do anything with my hair so I put it in a bun and a dash of mascara. I went to the living room to see harry with coffee. "Uhh where'd you get that?" I asked. "You had hot coco and thought you'd want some to wake you up", he smiled. Oh good it wasn't coffee. He gave it to me and we drank hot cocoa together.

When we finished he drove me to my college. "Bye Harry", I called. "Zayn's going to pick you up after school meet him in the front", He yelled. "Ok", he soon left and I went in to my college. The classes were really fun and easier then I expected. It went by fast and before you knew it I was waiting in the front for Zayn to pick me up.

"Hey there beautiful", Zayn. "Hey there gorgeous", I replied. "So exactly what is you and Harry's aggreement?" asked him. "It's nothing much and how was you time with him?" he asked eagerly. "Well he was acting different but then went back to normal", I replied. "Oh that goos I'm going to drop you off at your house so you can put your things there then I'm going to take you somewhere", He replied. "Ok"< I replied.

We pulled up to my house and I dropped off to my things. "So the aggreement was to allow Harry to kiss me?"I asked when I got back. "Wait what he triend to kiss you?" Xayn asked angrily ."You know what it's ok". he started to calm himself down a little. "So you don'r care if he tried to kiss me? Does this realationship mean anything"I asked.  Gettinf maybe to anxious....

 "No Anna I just wellll it's nothing", he was keeping a secret from me..... "Zayn if you want to tell me anything anything at all then right now would be a good time", i said hoping he would tell me this secret. He hesitated then spoke. "I just wanted to tell you that I loved you", he replied giving me a fake smile. Liar....

We pulled up to the park with the hidden fantasy place. He opened the door for me and grabbed my hand. He guided me to the place. "Zayn shouldn't we give it a name at least??" I asled. "Welll I would like to call it ours", he replied. "Zayn seriously", I groaned. "Fine what about Zayn since that is the most gorgeous person on the earth", he said vainly.

I punched him jokingly. "Hey no bruising this perfect body", he bagan joking again. "What ever", I smiled with a roll of my eyes. "Don't you roll my eyes at me!" he yelled. He tackled me so I landed on the soft grass. He was on top of me. He had a huge smile on his fave and a smile crpet through mine. "Zayn get off me" I laughed. "Not untill you tell the me that you love me" , he argued. "And what if I don't" I said with a smirk. "Then I guess I'll be on you untill you do love me", he got smirked back.

"I love you you most gorgeous boy in the world!" I said through laughs.

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