Love hurts (A one direction fanfic)

Through many turn of events Anna has a strong relationship with heart throb Zayn Malik. She starts off by being a good fan, forgetting about 1D, unexpectantly meeting them, and eventually falling in love. At near the end Anna hits her head. Then everything changes........


9. Beautiful

Anna's POV:He just said I was beautiful, and he was'nt even smirking. How was I suppose to react to that??!  "No I'm not", I replied. "If I told you, that you were the most beautiful person I've ever seen what would you sat?" He asked. "I would say your a lier", I replied. "Well then who is"? He asked. "Theres this really hot guy  I know whi is the sweetest person ever", I said  smiling. "Please don't say Nick", Zayn said annoyed. " No I was going to say you", I said.

Out eyes soon met and he gave me a quick kisson the cheek. Zayn's POV: Was Anna flirting with me?? I wanted to kiss her lips so bad but I didn't want her to feel uncomfortable. So instead I gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. "What was that'?? she asked smirking. "That was a kiss smarty", he said. "Hahaha whatever lets head back to camp", she said. She went to her tent while I went to mine, except only Harry was in it.

Anna's POV: Everyone was sleeping when we got back so we both headed to our tents. Niall, Yuliya, Nick, and Alina were sleeping in one tent. I went over to the tent Zayn was in. "hey Zayn is there in extra sleeping bag in there I could borrow", I asked. "Are the rest in the other tent"? he asked. "Yeah and I need a sleeping bag to sleep in outside so-" he cut me off. "You are not sleeping outside, Zayn said sternly. "You can trust me" he said. "Ok but your sleeping in the middle", I joked. "Fine by me", he said. I began going under the blankets, and before I went to sleep I snuggled up to Zayn so I could keep warm.

Zayn's POV: Right when I thought nna was sleeping she snuggled up to me. I can se why though she's freezing. I shared my blankets with herand her head was no on my chest. My lust got worse and worse, was she messing with me like this on purpose?? Tonight together felt so right.... like it was meant to be. I knew friendship was the closest we could get since she would be here in America while I was in London. I then soon began falling asleep.

I soon woke up to Harry saying something the next morning. "What", I moaned. "You two didn't do anything did you", he gave me a concerned look. "No of coarse not" , I said. "Ok good cause you know I have a crush on her right bro", I said. "Yeah, I know", I said. "Oh good so no compitition over her then", Harry said. "Bro she's not some game", I said. "We're leaving to London anyways but if we ever see her you won't go out with her right?" Harry asked. "No, we're just friends and it's not like she's going to move to London", i said.

"We probably have to forget about her, espeacially you bro since you two are close friends", Harry said. "I'm not going to cry cause it's ove but smile cause it happened", I replied. "Good attitude", he said leaving. "everthings packed except that tent so where gonna go wanna come"Nick asked. " I'll stay with Anna and help her pack up the remains", I said. "OK", they all left. Later Anna woke up.

 "Hello beautiful", I said smiling at her. "Did everyone leave", she asked. " yeah except me", I said. She smiled. "thanks for staying, lets hurry up and get packed though", she said. "Ok", we both soon began taking the sleeping bag and the tents and packed it in the car. "Done that was fast", She said. "Yup", I replied. We gotin the car and went back to the city Anna lived in. We got some starbucks and talked.

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