Love hurts (A one direction fanfic)

Through many turn of events Anna has a strong relationship with heart throb Zayn Malik. She starts off by being a good fan, forgetting about 1D, unexpectantly meeting them, and eventually falling in love. At near the end Anna hits her head. Then everything changes........


22. Authors Note only ;) impotant

Authors Note: If anyone read this far.... just wanted to let you know that I've been having writers block ugh HATE IT! Well any ways comment of what you think and to show me you've gottenthis far in the story comment uhhh POLKA DOTS yeah that sound legit. Anyways Team Zayn or team Harry??? I need results if you want the story to finish. Oh yeah and when should I start my next movella?? I was thinking no a fan fiction but a romance or a Niall Horan fanfiction. What yall think?? Oh yeah uhhhh enjoy!!?? ......... ~ Anna <3

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