Love hurts (A one direction fanfic)

Through many turn of events Anna has a strong relationship with heart throb Zayn Malik. She starts off by being a good fan, forgetting about 1D, unexpectantly meeting them, and eventually falling in love. At near the end Anna hits her head. Then everything changes........


16. A talk with Zayn

College was going to start soon. All my things were ready and I was so excited! I just met my old friends One Direction so I know that I had friends. Zayn would be coming over today so I was excited. We were really close friends. I actually thought that I'd never see them again but oddly we bumped into eachother.

I soon took a shower when I heard a knock on the door. I didn't know what to do! I was in my towel and someone was at the door..... probably Zayn but still. I quickly wrapped it tight over my chest. "uhhh this is awkward", I saw Zayn at the door.

"Oh sorry did I come at the wrong time", he asked smirking. "Uhh yeah come on I'll get changed", I said. He went in and I quickly went to my room and changed. I got legging and a tank top on. I began blow drying my hair. "You take forever", I heard Zayn yell. "welll I'm a girl", I yelled back. "i began putting on my make up when Zayn came in. "uhhh knock much", I asked him.

"Why are you putting on makeup", He asked glaring at me. "It makes me look better" I replied now putting on eyeliner. He looked at me confused. "You don't need it", he told me. "Yes I do, I barely ever put it on and I'm trying to get a habit to, you do realize I'm looking for a boyfriend", I told him now putting on mascara. "Anna you don't need make up for a guy to like you", he said. "It helps", I said as I finished my makeup.

I smiled. Zayn was so sweet, I know he was a bradford bad boy though.... "Seriously though why do you put on makeup", he asked. "cause I guy said that girls wear makeup cause they're ugly.... and I guess he was right..." I trailed. "Well that guy is an idiot", Zayn said. We both went to sit on the couch. We talked about our life for a while. He soon began sitting closer to me...... why was he doing this??

"Anna I needed to tell you something along time ago....."he trailed. "go ahead", I said getting kinda nervous. "Welll I always liked you", he said. "I like you to Zayn LOL", I said releived. "Not like friends....... more then friends", he trailed. He was making me feel weird..... "what do you mean?" I asked. "I freakin always had a crush on you and you didn't notice... or you don't feel the same", he said sounding angry. "Zayn you have girlfriend"I said starting to feel uncomfortable and weird.... "I broke up with her because I was in love with you", he soon said.

"Zayn don't you love her"? I asked. " Yeah untill our first breakup and when I met you", he trailed. "Zayn why the heck are you tellin me this just now!? You can't just tell a person you love them out of no where!!" I said angrily."So you don't feel the same way...." he trailed. I looked up at him to see him looking down. He looked hurt......

"What am I supposed to say", I asked. "We can give this relationship a try", he said. I had no idea what just happened. Did Zayn seriously like me?? "Is this some sort of joke",  I asked. e grabbed my hand and our eyes met. Out of no where he began kissing me. I kissed him back.... not sure if it was right.....

"Does that prove it" he asked smiling at me. "I guess we can try", I replied. He then hugged me and lifted me a little off the ground. "Wish number one check", he said happily. "What??" I asked smirking. "Oh my first wish was to have you... ya know be my girlfriend", he said still smiling. "What about the other two wishes"? I asked. "Wellll...... being the perfect guy for you.... and make sure you never got hurt", he trailed.

I smiled at him. I had to grow to like him like a boyfriend, that would'nt be to hard though since Zayn was hot. "Zayn have I ever told you, that you were the sweetest guy I ever knew", I said smiling. "Babe, you are the most beautiful inside and out", he replied. He called me babe...... yeah I had to get use to it and fast.

"So what do you want to do now", I asked. " Iwant to take you somewhere" he said with a smile. He soon grabbed me outside and we drove somewhere..... We soon were at this park... no one was here it was rather dull. "This is nice",I said sarcasticly. "Well this isnt the part I want to show you", he said. He grabbed my hand again and lead me deeper inside the park.

He soon climbed over some high rocks and helped me do that too. I soon found this gorgeoud paradise! There was a waterfall a little pool that was rather clear. It had nice trimmed green grass. Cherry blossom trees flowers everywhere. "wow" was all I could say. "I have never showed anyone this place.... no one know about it except me", he soon said.

"It's absolutly amazing how do you get it to look so nice", I asked in amazment. "It does it by itself", he replied. We both layed down in the nice green grass for a while. "So no one else know about it but you", I asked. "Well you do now"he said. I looked at him and our eyes met. I could see love in his eyes adoration.

He pushed my hair out of my face and leaned closer to me. He soon kissed me again, but it was longer this time. No words could describe this kiss. He then pulled away. "Am I rushing into this realationship to quick?" he asked. "Zayn I never really kissed anyone before and I'm still getting over the fact that we're more then friends", I replied. "I understand sorry",he soon said.

"Actually I really like it... it makes me feel weird...but a good weird new feeling",I replied. "Thats new feeling is called horny" he replied laughing a little. "not it's not" I laughed. "sure I know that you want to do it with me", he said. "Marriage before sex.... sorry Zayn", I replied. "I will respect that babe", he said.

"come on lets head back", he said. We soon both got up and he put his arm around my waist. This boy was messing with my mind. He really did love me you could just look in his eyes and tell... which made me feel guilty cause i never liked him like that..... but I started feeling that way about him even if it did feel .... different......

He soon drove me back to my apartment. He gave me a quick kiss on the cheek said good bye and left. I realized it was getting late, but before I went to bed I chenged my facebook status (realtionship) to taken. I then went to bed smiling thinking of Zayn thinking about what just happened.Was this a dream or for real? 



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