Who's That In The Mirror

This story is about 2 twins seperated at birth and they switch places Sutton Lives With Her Loving Rich Parents And Is Rude, And Taylor Lives In Foster Homes With Wierdo's. I Will Make A New Chapter Everyday .


2. You Look Like Me..

I sit at my foster home with my foster mom yelling at me,my perverted foster brother staring at me with a evil smirk.My foster mom asked us if we've seen her earrings, told he no but my foster brother Jake tells Angie (Foster Mom) to look in my bag.I tell her to go head it's not in there,but then she pulls out the long dangling earrings and calls the cops.I grab my bag and I yell at Jake for doing that,then Jake tells me to kiss him.I said okay and as he leaned in I kicked him in his private,then I ran to the bus stop and went to Beverly Hills.The police still looking for me down there were now never going to find me.Jake texts me "Beware Taylor don't let the cops see you P.S I still want my kiss" I now don't know where to go,I panic and walk around the Huge town.Then a bunch of people kept looking at me and saying "Hey Sutton" I wondered what they meant,in till I seen a girl who looked just like me.Long brown hair,sparkly brown eyes,middle sized nose,and perfect sized lips.I knew that had to be Sutton everyone thought I was her,her clothes were amazing and I was wearing a tank top and some basketball shorts.I pretended not to see her and bumped into her on purpose,she said with a additude "Watch where your going you stupid idiot"

Then after that she seen my face and asked me who the hell I was and why'd I look like her.I told her I was her real twin sister and I was here to look for her,that was partly true but I was really there to run away from my foster home.But I didn't tell her that,I just told her I wanted to meet her.She took me behind the corner to the alleyway to talk to me she asked me if I knew are mom,I told her no and she sighed but this was still freaky it was like I was looking in the mirror at a better dressed me.She told me she was going to L.A and she wanted me to take her place,I didn't know what to do or anything.

Before I said yes she threw me her clothes and keys,we changed and she left...

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