Who's That In The Mirror

This story is about 2 twins seperated at birth and they switch places Sutton Lives With Her Loving Rich Parents And Is Rude, And Taylor Lives In Foster Homes With Wierdo's. I Will Make A New Chapter Everyday .


1. Sutton's Going On

                                                  FOSTER LIFE WITH TAYLOR

Taylor get your ass up my foster mom yells.I reply with your not the boss of me your not my and you will never be my mom. She asks me what I just said so I repeated my self and she slaps me in my face,but I'm used to it by now my old foster family abused me I am now 16 and I know I have a sister and I want to find her. And when I do hopefully her family will take me I hate these foster homes, I wonder who my real mom is or if she loved me?

                                       WEALTHY LOVING LIFE WITH SUTTON

"Sutton honey, time to get up I made you chocolate chip pancakes your favorite"My mom says to me as she wakes me up I reply with "I hate those nasty pancakes I told you not to make me pancakes mom gosh how many times do I have to tell you make them for your other daughter Peyton" My Mom Replied  With "sorry sweetie I forgot" I think I hurt her feelings but o well she will get over it soon gosh I hate that I'm adopted I will find my real mom and hopefully live with her o well in till i do i guess i have to eat mothers nasty cooking!! I'm doing research to find my mom and it says here Rachelle Reed is my mom and Rita Nelson Is to I don't know but ill find her and live with her instead of my adoptive mom.I bet my mom's rich and nice,I at least want to meet her.My dad know's I'm up to something and he's nervous why?

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