Hiding love.

I readed à book it was so pretty im going to try THE same category.
Its about a 16 year old girl thats going to meet one direction but she dint know she would get it sooo far.Hope you enjoy it!


1. Tickets for one direction

Hope you enjoy my movella à lot of xxx your Sterreyoung
Hey Liz i never did say Thank you for that one direction tickets Thank you girl! Did i said

Liz:well i bought them so i can meet Louis he's sooooooo adorble.

Me:i know you have à crush on him i know LiLi.

Liz:I really hope This is going to be the best day ever!

Me:Its going to be were going to see one direction IN REAL!

Liz:I know its crazy girl lets dress up do make up and choose shoes!

Me:Yes girl,Lets do that!

When Liz did go home i did choose what im going to wear:
A super cool skinny jeans and à tee with Hannah Montana on it without back.
Some sneaker earrings and some lipgloss and i was ready!
But my friend Liz was going super crazy!
She choosed:
À dress with à lot of colours
High heels bracelet necklace earrings red lips black eyshadow she really was going crazy!
We crawl in the car and started to drive.
After some minutes we quit driving and run inside the arena after some hours.....
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