Hiding love.

I readed à book it was so pretty im going to try THE same category.
Its about a 16 year old girl thats going to meet one direction but she dint know she would get it sooo far.Hope you enjoy it!


2. Drive back home

We jumped in the car and we did start the car but the boys asked us something......

Harry:Come on guys ask it!
Zayn:Why you dont do it!
Niall:Liam you do it!
Louis:Dont look at me!
Liam:Ehm girls do you wanna drive us back home?
I was really shy and emberassed.
The boys came in.
I saw Louis looking at Liz!
And one of the boys looking at me!
Liz did already talked with them but im shy really shy.
Zayn:Girls chill à little at our hotel for à while that would be Nice.
Liam:Yeah stay à little while!
Liz:I want to but missy shy over there.
Me:Hey im not shy!!!
Liz:You are!
Harry:I think we are more shy.
Harry:You know us but we dont know you.
Me:Well,thats true.
Harry:So whats youre name?
Harry:Thats à pretty name!
Me:Thx yours is pretty too.
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