more than just summer love

Leah Rhodes and Ariana Bloom are two normal girls from a small town in Oklahoma who love one direction. Their lives were never too interesting until one summer they decide to take a vacation to London where they find knew love, loss, and friendship.


1. lucky

Leah's POV


It's six o'clock in the morning, and me and my friend Ariana have to be at the airport soon. We are taking a vacation together because well, it sucks being stuck in Oklahoma all summer.


 We ended up agreeing on London, I don't know why, but we both liked the idea of trying to bug those guards who

Wear those big fluffy hats and aren't allowed to move. So we were getting up at 6, to catch our flight, at 10. We are staying at Ariana's aunt’s old apartment, which is HUGE!!! It’s pretty awesome.


Ariana's POV


I am on a plane to London!!! Leah and I are both really exited but I'm a little bored I have decided to blast some 1 D into my ears and attempt to sleep; Zayn's voice always helps me fall asleep.


Time pass


Leah's POV


The Apartment is even cooler than I thought, Ariana’s aunt must have completely re-renovated it, cause I don't think a 72 year old lady like her likes disco balls and tie dye bean bag chairs! Okay so it was kinda retro but I liked it! Plus it was really big. We could have had our own rooms but we decided to share one leaving a guest room, which I don't think we'll need but hey! We had a nice big bathroom with the best bathtub ever!!! It's like a hot tub, you can sit down in it and it's like 3 feet deep! But anyways, we started unpacking and decided to explore the city a bit before the jet lag took over.


Liam's POV


" is anyone else hungry?" I asked the boys. " I'm craving a big Mac" I know, not the healthiest thing in the world but after the drama with Danielle, I didn't care. It’s been 2 months since she left me, and I still can't get over her. I wish we could've spent more time with each other, that's the reason she dumped me, after all.


The boys agreed and we were off to get some nice, greasy, fries.


Leah's POV


We freshened up a bit and then we were out the door! I saw the golden arches that are Mac Donald's, and ordered some smoothies.


Niall's POV


So we're sitting there eating some delicious burgers, when two girls walk in, sit down, and order. I bet I looked like an idiot staring at them but they were gorgeous! One was very tiny, she had long, naturally blonde hair and a very pretty face, the other had equally long, very curly black hair, but was taller, I think she may be native American, due to her flawless tan skin and they both had curves in all the right places    


Ariana's POV


So we walk in, sit down, and start to drink our smoothies, when Leah starts to freak out! She points across the room and I understand why, sitting only a few feet away from us were Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, and staring right at us, Niall Horan!


 We hop up and walk over, Liam looks up and I melt.


Louis notices me and immediately says "hello I'm Louis Tomlinson"! And sticks out his hand out to shake mine and I just dumbly say " I know" and instead of shaking my hand, Louis decides to hug me OMG LOUIS WILLIAM TOMLINSON IS HUGGING ME!!!!!!!


All the sudden my knees turn to jelly and I almost fall out of his arms, but he picks me up and sets me into his spot. I poke myself hard in the stomach to insure its not a dream and it actually isn't. This is all really happening.


Leah's POV


I spot Niall staring at me, and completely flip out!!!!! I run over and start to babble on like a hopeless fangirl! I can't help it, they mean the world to me!!!!! Ri is next to me, also fangirling, when Louis hugs her!!! But I didn't really care because Liam gets up and starts talking to me!


 Eventually we calm down and the boys tell us to sit down with them! I swear I have never been this shocked and happy before this was truly amazing.


Liam's POV


The beautiful blonde walks up to me and starts to talk to me, I'm not gonna lie, she was stunning, and her friend too.


" Omg it's really you guys!" she says, " I am a huge fan! You are just amazing! Sorry I probably sound really stupid I'm just a really big fan!"


She was really adorable, but hot too.


 "It’s okay I get it! You aren't from here are you? You have a very American accent, but it's cute!" I answered.


"Yeah, My friend and I are from the US! I'm Leah by the way, and my friend is Ariana!"


They sit down with us and we chat a bit. Turns out they are staying here for a month in their aunts apartment and are from a small town in Oklahoma.


"Hey, do you girls mind maybe exchanging phone numbers"? I asked and they quickly got their phones out and we all put our numbers in each other’s devices.


Leah's POV


This is amazayn!!!! We just met one direction in a fast food place and WE GOT THIER NUMBERS!!!!! Ariana and I are both still freaking out a ton and waiting for them to text us. I'm going to try to calm down I think, because I don't want them to think I'm a dumb obsessed fangirl, which I am. I told Ariana to do the same.


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