more than just summer love

Leah Rhodes and Ariana Bloom are two normal girls from a small town in Oklahoma who love one direction. Their lives were never too interesting until one summer they decide to take a vacation to London where they find knew love, loss, and friendship.


4. he shouldn't have ever touched her

Ariana's POV 

The limo pulled up to our flat about an hour before the party was supposed to start. When we arrived about twenty minutes later, in a swarm of paparazzi. I saw Liam and Leah walk out together, stand on the top of the steps and directly in front of all of the cameras, and kiss. Taking advantage of all the commotion Louis put his arm around my shoulder and we ducked into the building. As soon as the doors closed behind us I turned to him and whispered "Thank you" into his ear.

Half an hour later the guests started arriving. I was amazed by some of the people who were here, Ed Sheeran, Cher Lloyd, Daniel Radcliffe, and If I saw correctly, Adele.

I turned to see Louis' face smiling at me, so I smiled back. I don't know what it was about him, but I was always seemed gravitate in his direction. As I was looking into his gorgeous eyes a strong hand grabbed my arm and jerked me away from him.

When I turned to see who had grabbed me I saw the unfamiliar face of a man, about 24 or 25, definitely older than me. He was very tall and had medium tan skin, along with dark brown hair. To me he looked like what I imagined Zayn as in 5 years if he took a buch of steroids. I tried to turn away but he grabbed my waist a bit below my comfort zone and smashed me into him. I put my hands on his chest, trying my best to push him away but I was powerless to him. He then asked me if he could buy me a drink, I said no, but he did anyways. Thank god Louis had pulled me away from him after that.

I danced with the boys, mostly just Louis and Zayn though. I took a sip of the drink that the other guy had bought me. It didn't really taste right... I thought to myself but I drank it anyway. After a few more songs I stated to get a bit dizzy, this couldn't come from just one glass of champagne... The last thing I saw after that was the glass shattering on the floor as I passed out.

I had beed drugged.

Louis' POV

I heard a shattering sound coming from behind me, so I turned around and see Ariana laying on the floor surrounded by broken glass. I immediately picked her up and ran outside to call an ambulance.

When they arrived they didn't let me in with her so i went back to the party. I knew exactly who did this and they were going to regret ever touching her.

I looked around the room, balling my fists. I spotted him trying to give Cher a drink, so I walked up to him and punched him in the face as hard as I could. He reacted surprisingly fast by grabbing the back of my head and smashing it into the wall. I got a bit dizzy from the mixture of what I think was a concussion and the pure rage that was running through me. I kneed him in the gut and he fell to the ground, not getting up. I then sprinted out and hailed a cab to the hospital.

I woke up the next morning in a hospital bed. My forehead hurt really bad and I soon discovered a row of stitches on it. I though about what had happened the previous night and remembered Ariana.

I found a nurse and asked "What room is Ariana Bloom in?"

"Room 117 but you cant go in there right now she's getting her stomach pumped". 


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