more than just summer love

Leah Rhodes and Ariana Bloom are two normal girls from a small town in Oklahoma who love one direction. Their lives were never too interesting until one summer they decide to take a vacation to London where they find knew love, loss, and friendship.


5. Coma

Ariana's POV

I was in a dark room, so dark that for a moment I thought I was drowning in oil. Breathing was almost impossible and my entire body felt like it was sizzling. As if my blood was boiling.

Visions flashed in front of me. My mom, my dad, Leah, and Lou. Their faces faded away as I fought to keep them close.

I knew this wasn't reality. It couldn't be! Just a horrifying nightmare... Right? At that second a bright light ripped itself into my vision, burning my eyes so I once again saw only darkness. I knew what was happening. I was dying, and if I couldn't stay in the light I would be permanently sucked into the darkness.

I fought to see the light again, fighting the best I could. Fighting while my body, along with my life, burned away.

After what I imagined to be a lifetime, I gave up. No more working, even if it depended on my life. It wasn't worth it anyway. I wasn't worth it.

I could barely see Lou's face when I heard a faint voice say "She's in a coma now, and it's not looking good. I'm sorry Mr. Tomlinson."

They were talking about me. I was almost dead but hearing his name made the image of him clearer, brighter, and closer.

I could hear everything happening around me, but only in a faint haze, as if I was in a foggy tunnel where everything was on the other end. Suddenly I felt the light touch of his lips on my forehead which sent a rush of energy through my body, helping me fight.

The vision of his face in front of me kept getting closer and brighter until finally the bright light came again, but this time I kept my eyes open, until I no longer saw just the vision, but reality.

Louis' POV

After the doctor had left the room I walked over to the hospital bed she was in, and lightly kissed her forehead.

A tear rolled down her cheek, I could see how hard she was fighting. Although her face was peaceful, she was struggling to open her eyes.

I sat there by her side for house, when finally I saw her eyes flutter open.

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