more than just summer love

Leah Rhodes and Ariana Bloom are two normal girls from a small town in Oklahoma who love one direction. Their lives were never too interesting until one summer they decide to take a vacation to London where they find knew love, loss, and friendship.


3. CHEATER! or not...

Liam’s POV


After what seemed to be very long week, Saturday night came and I would finally see Leah again. Except this time, it’s in public.


I was getting a bit nervous, so I decided to go on twitter.


I did some following, and asked myself, should I let the fans know a bit earlier?


No not without Leah there.


It was still 4 hours until the party after I got ready and all that good stuff, so I went out to the store, met some fans, and bought everything needed for a romantic pre-party dinner.


I also dropped by a little flower shop for some roses, which the fans who saw me probably did not like.


It took about an hour for the boys and me to cook up a 5 star dinner of spaghetti and meatballs. I put it in a picnic basket along with a bottle of wine and got in a limo to her apartment.


Leah’s POV


I was just sitting on the couch in my bra and underwear with messy hair, I had just finished working out and was watching teen mom and eating cheeto puffs, when there was a knock on the door.


I opened the door while shoving another puff in my mouth, expecting it to be Ariana coming back from shopping, but it was Liam.


At that point I pretty much panicked, and slammed the door in his face.


I sprinted into my room and put on a skirt and tank top, washed the cheetos off my face and on the way to the door combed my hair a little bit.


I opened the door again, but he was gone.


I ran down the hall, where I found what might have been the flowers for me.


After sprinting down 2 flights of stairs I pressed the elevator button and it opened, with Liam in it.


But he ran out, and I ran after him.


He turned around and grabbed my arms, I looked up at him, both of us were crying.


“Why would you do that?! I know it isn’t even official yet but why?!”


And that’s when I realized that when a sweaty girl with messed up hair answers the door in her underwear, you might think you’re getting cheated on.


“HOLDUP!!!!! You think I cheated on you?!?!”


“Well what else would you be doing in there?!”


“What about EXERCISE!!!!!”


“How do I know you’re not lying?”


Just then Ariana came up the stairs holding a ton of shopping bags.


“Oh no what’s going on here?” she asked.


“Leah is cheating on me” he said, tears filling his warm brown eyes.


she immediately burst out laughing


“How is that funny!?” he practically yelled.


“Because she most definitely isn’t”.


“How do you know?”


“Well, Leah and I usually work out around this time, that’s why I was going up the stairs, so I’m guessing she answered the door half naked and sweaty, making you think she was cheating. But she isn’t. We talk about this stuff together and she loves you more than anything. You can look through our apartment, whatever you want she is not cheating.”


And thank god, that turned his frown upside down.


We hugged for an extremely nice long time, which was probably pretty gross judging by how sweaty I was.


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