more than just summer love

Leah Rhodes and Ariana Bloom are two normal girls from a small town in Oklahoma who love one direction. Their lives were never too interesting until one summer they decide to take a vacation to London where they find knew love, loss, and friendship.


2. A day with 1D


Ariana's POV


Omg Louis texted me!!! I clicked the message. I read it out loud to Leah.    


 " Hey! It's Ariana right? I hope I get to see you and your friend again soon;)" omg he is too cute! "


He’s flirting with you!” Leah said, ha I wish I didn’t think Louis really liked me that much; I'm a hopelessly lost fangirl! But he did hug me and then send me a text…


" Nah I doubt it, plus he has Eleanor, and she’s a model!!!!


Louis POV


I sent a text to the girl, Ariana, I think was her name. She was beyond beautiful. I know I first met her a few hours ago, but she was amazing. My phone went off and I read the message. It said,


"Yeah that's me”


 I got her name right! I really want to see her again though...  


" Haha okay so I know your name now! But anyway, me and the boys are having a pool party on Friday, and I would love to see you and Leah there!"


Oh wow their gonna be mad and just as I thought a few minutes later Harry yelled


 " What the heck did you invite those girls over for a pool party on Friday? Cause Leah just texted me that!!!!!"


 Oh boy I'm in trouble, but I don't really care, as long as I get to see her soon I'm happy. Then Liam joined in


 " Yeah she told me that too but I don't see the problem, they were really nice and cute"


 " I wouldn't mind seeing them again either" Niall said.


Then I got another text; it read, " That sounds awesome! Can't wait! Where is it gonna be?"


I quickly answered and told her our address, which is in walking distance of their apartment, and we said goodbye, I think she was tired, it was first day here and the time change and what not.


Leah's POV


We walked out of VS with some new bikinis, we got matching ones with the British and Irish flags on them, plus they sparkled, which made them super perfect! We both decided to wear a pair of white shorts over the bikini and put our hair in a ponytail. I'm not going to lie; I took forever to get ready! I mean if 5 hot, famous British boys invite you to a pool party, you have to look hot!


Zayn's POV

I didn't think much of those girls until then. I heard the doorbell ring and answered it, when I opened the door I was amazed.  Maybe it was because before we had just seen them in street clothes, but they looked so different! Still stunning of course. I think I kind of just stood there in the doorway, looking at them. The taller girl, Ariana, was so beautiful! Her eyes were dark brown, almost black. And her skin was a beautiful light creamy caramel. If there was such thing as love at first sight, I had fallen for her. But Louis seemed to have a thing for her too, and the way she looked at him, it made me mad.


Louis POV


This isn't right, Ariana is probably the most beautiful girl I have met in my life, but I have Eleanor.


 She's on vacation in America, and she doesn't know about her. I honestly doubt our retaliation ship, because this was supposed to be our time together, but instead she goes on vacation with one of her friends, who she already gets to see all year.  


After today I'm going to decide to end it with her, and invite Ariana to stay, or keep things the way they are now.


Ariana's POV


My heart is beating out of my chest! Leah just wrung the doorbell to their house, which of course is amazing. Zayn opens the door and I do a little happy dance inside, because he always was my favorite.


 He takes my hand and leads us inside, where the other boys are waiting. I still can't believe that one direction invited us over for a pool party; I don't think they do that with all the fans they meet! But Anyways, we walk in and all talk for a bit, mostly Leah and I talking about how much we love them, and them asking us about ourselves.  


I was really starting to get comfortable around them they were really cool guys!


Liam's POV


Leah looked even prettier than before, of course she was wearing a bikini instead of a t-shirt, but she took my breath away. We talked a bit and she told me that she was a gymnast, and her friend was a dancer. I'm glad she wasn't, I wouldn't be able to deal with that because of Danielle.


Jill's POV


I arrived at the boys place, they had invited me over for a pool party, and there were some unfamiliar girls there. They introduced themselves as Leah and Ariana, and they seemed nice. I was exited to get to be there because I'm a good friend of Niall’s, but I had never met the other boys. Really wanted to meet Harry, because I have quite a crush on him!


Harry's POV


There was another knock on the door and Niall introduced his friend Jill. Now here is a girl worth inviting over, she was tall and beautiful, with long,

Strait brown hair then she looked at me and smiled, she had a very pretty smile.


Leah's POV


Liam and I went out back to the pool, leaving the others behind. I was so nervous! Of I would love to talk to Liam alone, but I was a bit scared!


“It is really great to actually be spending time with you!” I said, “If you haven’t noticed I like one direction… “


“ Oh I definitely have! And you have no idea how amazing it is to have fans like you…”


Then he pushed me into the pool! I grabbed his leg and pulled him in too.


After a few minutes we were in a serious water fight.


“I WON!!!!!!” he yelled.


“You wish Payne!”


Liam’s POV


She came up to me, and rested her forehead of mine. I put my hands on her waist, and leaned in toward her lips, when Harry burst out.


“AWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOOOOO ADORABLE!!!!!!!”


“You’re going to regret that curly!!!!” I yelled as Leah and I started splashing the crap out of him.


The rest of the day was extremely successful, when I saw Leah for the first time, I thought she was just one of those extremely beautiful fans, but she was MUCH more. Not only was she gorgeous, but really sweet, funny, and smart. Probably a lot smarter than me!


Eventually Ariana said it was time to go, dragging Leah with her.


As the car started driving away slowly and I waved goodbye, all the sudden the door open and Leah jumps out!!! And May I add that the car was going at a decent speed?!


Surprisingly she ust honked, and kept driving.


We ran up to each other, and I immediately had to ask if she was okay, and we went back inside.


“That was insane, do you really want to stay so bad?!”


“Yes, and I do gymnastics! I do that every day!”


“You jump out of moving cars every day?!”


“No dummy! I do summersaults off of A LOT of stuff that’s all…. And I really want to stay!”


She was so cheeky I couldn’t help but smile.


It was late, almost midnight so we decided to do some stargazing


We sat on the grass and talked for a while, talking about London, the stars, and everything around us seemed to disappear, as if we were the only people on earth.


We were lying on the soft green grass, and I looked into her eyes, which were a brilliant turquoise, like Niall’s. Her blonde hair glowed against the dark sky.


She rolled onto my chest and after a few seconds our lips were together, I had one hand on her waist and one in her hair. She smiled, her and I face to face looking into each other’s eyes.


“This is so unreal...” she whispered


“Why? I’m just a normal guy.”


“Who is in one direction!”


That’s when the rest of the world came back, and I realized my mistake


“Oh my god I’m sorry”


“Are you kidding?! Why would I be mad this is amazing!?”


“Because if anyone finds out about this, you are going to get death threats, there will be rumors, it can ruin you!”


“If it means I get to be with you, I don’t care!”


“You are so amazing.”


She giggled adorably and we went inside. I think we scared the boys, they thought she had gone home 2 hours ago and were watching a movie right now with Jill.


We sat down with them and Harry offered her a drink, the movie was called arachnophobia, it was a cheesy horror film about spiders I think, I’m not quite sure I wasn’t paying much attention.


Leah’s POV


For most of the movie Liam and I just talked, I told him about Oklahoma, which really isn’t that exiting but he wanted to know so I didn’t mind explaining some stuff, plus I’m terrified of spiders, if I would have watched the movie I would most likely die.


It was kind of amazing, we were only there for half of the movie, and I think I saw Niall finish 4 bags of chips! As a directioner I of course knew that he ate a lot but this was just…


When the Movie was over at about 2 in the morning when Liam showed me to his room, it was SUPER big.


The ceiling was like a dome, no corners. Everything was a glass window so you could see the stars shining as if there was no roof.


I stared up at the stars a bit longer, admiring the perfectly clear sky, so unusual for a London night.


I could feel Liam starting so play with my hair and I let out a little smile.


“I feel like this is all an amazing dream,” I said “It seems to good to be true, laying here with you, looking up at the stars over London, just everything.”


“Well start believing it because not much will change.”


Our lips met with passion, I couldn’t imagine a more perfect moment.


“I want you to come to our album release party next Saturday night, but only if you want to go, of course.”


“Are you kidding?! I would be honored to go with you!”


“But people will see us together, are you sure you want to make it official?”


“As sure as I’ll ever be I guess”


He let out his most perfect smile and a few minutes later I was falling asleep in him arms.


As I was almost asleep I swear I heard him whisper, “I love you”



Jill’s POV


As soon as the others were out of sight our lips crashed together, our bodies coming closer together. He put his hands on my waist as we kissed passionately; I ran my fingers through his curly hair, and around his neck.


We had been talking for hours earlier, and definitely had a connection. It’s a great feeling when someone you like, or even love, feels the same way about you. And he made it extremely obvious he was interested. I don’t know if it was all the flirting, or when he wouldn’t stop touching my leg.


I really liked him, but we would never be able to get anything going. The stories I’ve heard about their girlfriends are terrible. Death threats, hate mail, and how I cant take criticism, would not work well.


He started kissing my neck, when I pulled away.


“ I cant do this, sorry.” I said


He looked pretty disappointed, and I felt bad.


“You sure?”


“Yeah, I would love to, but I don’t think I can handle it.”


“It’s fine, do you need a place to sleep?”


“That would be nice, yes.”


After walking around the enormous place for what seems like forever, we finally reached what I’m guessing is his room.


I lay down on the very soft, expensive feeling sheets. Harry curls up next to me not touching anything he shouldn’t, or saying anything that’s wrong.


I rested my head on his chest, and soon fell asleep.


Leah’s POV


“Hey Ariana, I think we need to talk a little,” I said.


“About what”?


“Liam Really wants me to go to the album release party with him, but I’m not sure if I’m ready to make it official, so should I go?”


“That depends, if you really like him a lot you should go.”


“ I do! A lot, it still kind of astounds me that he saw something in me, just another directioner, until know.”


“Do you love him?”


With no doubt in my mind, I immediately answered


“Yes, I’ve said it many times before, but now it actually means something. Because he feels the same way. Liam James Payne loves me. ” I started to tear up, they were without and doubt tears of joy.






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