One Dream, One Laugh,One Life

This Is about a girl named Alex and she's full of suprises and mysteries


4. Too Late.:)

The doctor told us to wait outside I was crying so hard and so was Lexi,mom died dad could die it was so hard for me and Alexus. The cops came running down the hall and started asking me questions,they told me they were too late the killer was wrong when they got there.They were now on a  search for her killer but i doubted they would find him the never do,we had to stay overnight at the hospital.I watched the news and it was about my mom,dad, and the stupid fucking killer knowing he was out there still I died a little more inside.It was now 6 am and I drove Alexus home with me because dad told us to go to school he'll be fine with the doctors,We got dressed and Left,I dropped her off then drove to school. I looked at my phone and had 50 missed calls from Ciarra,she probally heard about my mom and dad.

I walked into school and everyone stared at me,I got so mad I yelled at them and told them to mind they're fucking buisness then they all turned back to they're converstations. I seen Ciarra crying in front of her locker,I went over there and sat by her. She smiled and hugged me she told me she was so sorry for everything my lost, her hiding in my car, my dad, and more.I walked past Alex's locker he came up to me and told me he was sorry about my lost and if I needed anything just ask him,I gave him a hug and cried in his chest. After school I pick Lexi up, Drove home and the Press was at my house so I didn't stop at home.I went straight to the hospital and found out...

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