One Dream, One Laugh,One Life

This Is about a girl named Alex and she's full of suprises and mysteries


6. The Search Goes On!!

I rushed to my sister's school to get her,I called her phone but she wouldn't answer so when I got they're I rushed in the school looking for her,when I found her she was getting bullied.I pushed the bully and told her to back off and she replied with "tell you mommy that o wait she's dead" I turned around and smacked her,then ran to the car and drove to the hospital.When I got there I ran to his room and hugged him,he hugged me and Alexus back.Then I asked him "what did the killer look like" Dad had tears dripping down his face and said "They're were to they were tall and skinny with mask on they're face, they told me not to come closer with a deep voice then he said your dead bitch"When I heard that it reminded me of Derek and Darrell, that was Mom's husband and her husbands brother.

I called the cops and told them what dad said,I also added the part about Derek and Darell they said they would check up on that but till then the search continues... I wanted to find out who it was right now but I guess Id have to wait.After that I drove dad home and when we got there he went straight to bed.I was happy dad was home and so was Alexus.


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