One Dream, One Laugh,One Life

This Is about a girl named Alex and she's full of suprises and mysteries


2. Screams...

That was Alex, the cute boy was Alex. He had the same name as me and was super hot,that's who I bumped into wasn't it.He looked at me,smiled,waved,and walked out.I walked out right after him and went to my locker,when I closed it there was Ciarra I screamed and told her she scared the hell out of me.Then, we walked to class together and hung out alot between classes, well she was my bestfriend. We sat together at lunch and that's when I seen Alex,I waved and he waved back.When it was time to leave I couldn't find Ciarra anywhere ,so I just hopped in the car and started driving to get Alexus from school when Ciarra hopped up from the back.Making me scream and almost crash, she said she was sorry but I wouldn't forgive her.I picked Alexus up and we sat in complete silence then,I dropped Ciarra off and drove home.

When I got home dad was there,He thanked me for picking Alexus up.I nodded and ran upstairs to my room,I jumped on my bed got my phone and texted my mom.Her and dad split up last summer,I told her "I missed her and she needs to visit."In a matter of seconds she replied with :Please help me Alex Please: I responded with "where are you what happened".I waited 10 minutes and nothing ,I started panicking and crying so I ran downstairs and showed dad he tole me to relax and calm down but I couldnt.She needed my help and I didn't know where she was or what was happening,but I needed to know she was okay!!


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