One Dream, One Laugh,One Life

This Is about a girl named Alex and she's full of suprises and mysteries


3. Momma Needs Help...

After that text I cried for a hour hoping she would reply,I didn't want to hear on the knew she was dead.I was worried, no one else cared but me.Even though she wasn't Alexus's mom, she was still my mom she could've helped me she's thirteen she could've done something.But she didn't care I needed a friend to talk to,but I was still mad at Ciarra.If only I had another friend like Ciarra,I had nobody.I stopped crying and texted her again the same thing,then she replied with :I need your help in Ohio in that old vacant house you used to sneak to when you were little please Ash I need Your help.I ran to show dad the text and told everybody Let's Go. We Drove to the airport and got on a flight to Ohio, It took about a couple hours before we got there.I was scared and I knew dad and Alexus were to,We drove to Toledo and stopped at the vacant house dad told us to wait in the car.He opened the door and walked in,I rolled down the window and heard Dad scream.Me and Lexi ran in to the house and found mom on the floor dead, stabbed 6 times in her body and glass in her face.I was screaming and crying looking for dad,when I opened a door and dad was stabbed in his stomach.He was still alive I dragged him to the car with my sisters help, I called the cops and drove to the nearest hospital...

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