One Dream, One Laugh,One Life

This Is about a girl named Alex and she's full of suprises and mysteries


8. Kill Me Now!!!

Everyday for two weeks I went to the jail cell to see Alex they got proof it wasn't him, they checked his phone someone did text him. So he's out of jail now and we hang out everyday now and we look for clues to but didn't find any yet. My dad is halfway healed my best friend moved away, I don't care about my best friend any more she left me with my heartbroken but at least I have my family and Alex. The police think they know who it is but they must keep it private so I can't know till they know for sure.

Hey Ally I have to go, Text you later? Alex said. Yea sure, Be careful. I said back. 'Kay Bye'  Later. After he left I got a text that said "Better watch out for your little boy bitch" From:Unknown I started freaking out so I texted Alex and called him but no 1 answered . I called him one last time and he answered. "Hey Ally" (You have to come back or get home now) "I'm at home, whats going on?"  (I just got a text that said I better watch out for you) "well all safe now but that's a bit creepy" (no dip so what are you doing) "Well talking to you and walking down the stairs" (Well be ca-) "Ahh Help"  (Alex are you there Alex) "Thought you would listen to my text".

Alex called me from the hospital and said someone pushed him and he broke his right leg and arm. When I got there he looked like he just got jumped.O my Alex are you okay did you see who did it? I asked Slow down yes I did and yes I lived. Alex said. I asked him who was it, and he said Ciarra Walker. Wait my old best friend, No it couldn't be. But it was Ally listen to me I seen her face. Then the doctor came in, and said "son there's no easy way to say this but you fractured your lungs and you air could be closing up. Wait doctor he can't die fix him he can't die, he needs to breath its not his fault he didnt fall he got pushed he's healthy just fix him please Alex tell him you have to come on please.  Mam calm down or you'll have to leave. No Alex has to live, I screamed as they took me out the room.

I drove home and ran up to the attack and  cried. There was a knife on the floor, I picked it up and slit my arm then with the other hand put the knife up to my chest and repeated to my self Kill Me Now, Kill Me Now. I started pushing the knife harder into my chest, then I heard someone yell Stop Ally. I turned around to see who it was and it was Ciarra. You pushed him down the stairs didn't you? I yelled to her. Yes Ally I did but he was taking you from me, I wanted to be with you. she replied. Ciarra you were my best friend why would you do that,while I said that I cut myself in my shoulder. No!! Ally stop, Kill me not yourself. Why?? I asked. Because I killed your mom and /stabbed your dad. She replied. What is wrong with you, you psyco bitch ,while I was Yelling at her I picked the knife up and threw it at her and it hit her hard in the shoulder .

Is this what you want bitch this is revenge, I stabbed her in her stomach. Then I put it up to her heart but before I could stab her, the police pulled me off of her.

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