One Dream, One Laugh,One Life

This Is about a girl named Alex and she's full of suprises and mysteries


7. It was you..

The cops called my phone, I quickly answered they said they found the killer. They didn't want to tell me on the phone so I went to the police station to talk, they said to me "Your gonna wanna know it wasn't Derek or Darell, the killer  was a young boy named Alex Hilton." I jumped and said it can't be Alex it just can't, I ran out tears dripping down my eyes I went to the jail cell and seen Alex sitting there. I ran up to him and asked him "How could you-how could you kill my mother, she did nothing wrong I thought I could trust you Alex why'd you kill her tel-" I was cut off when he told me he didn't . I ran to the cell door shaking it yelling "Don't lie to me Alex don't lie!!" One of the police officers pulled me back then Alex told me he's not and to visit him tomorrow and he'll tell me everything.

When I got home I ran to my room and started screaming into my pillow, when I woke up the next morning I jumped in the shower and stayed in there for a couple hours then I got out and got dressed and left to the police station. When I got there I asked the police officer if I could visit Alex, they let me in. I went to his visiting spot and when I was walking to the chair he said "Hey bro I like your shirt" I looked  down at my shirt which was blue and said "You better tell you like me in this exact sentence "Hey Bro I Like Your Shirt" after I read it I giggled then sat down. He told me he didn't do anything, he got a text from a blocked  number that said "come to the abandon house before your mother dies" so he drove there and found my moms body and he picked her up and put her against the wall trying to wake her up but then he heard something and ran to his car and drove off.

I told him he should have called the cops but he just said that the person who killed her wanted to frame him so he just left. I started crying but then Alex grabbed my hand through the little talking hole, but I pulled back and told him I was leaving and I couldn't get him out in till I knew for sure so I just left. I really liked Alex but could I believe him? I drove home and told Alexus what he told me because I knew she would tell no one at all not even dad, she told me I should believe him but I didn't know. I was hoping I could trust him but I just didn't know what to believe after all my mother was dead, my crush was locked up, my bestfriend doesn't even talk to me any more, and my day was stabbed.

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