One Dream, One Laugh,One Life

This Is about a girl named Alex and she's full of suprises and mysteries


5. Is Daddy Gonna Make It?

I found out Dad was in a Coma He could here us but nothing else this made me cry even worse,I will have to raise Lexi on my own in till dad's out of his coma I thought. I stayed they're holding daddy's hand and told him to wake up,he wouldn't budge I cried and cried so hard tears fled his hand.Lexi holding his other had crying worse then me,seeing her cry like that made me even sadder I was close to being a adult and she's only thirteen this has to be harder on her.I sat they're then thinking if he dies I want to die and be with him forever at Heaven's gates,I knew Lexi felt the same way by the way she looked.

I knew from then and now are life would always be changed Lexi knew it to,Ive been going to school and back here for 2 weeks now but dad's still in a Coma.I went to school and knew daddy was going to die I could feel it,Ciarra hasn't been coming to school for a week but she always comes to the hospital to see me.Alex is my only friend right now but not my close and never will be I thought in till my thinking was interupted by Alex's loud voice he took my hand and walked me to class,and after class we had lunch we sat together then I asked why was he so nice he told me he's only nice to the people he likes that made me smile him two then he leaned in and kissed me.Right at that time my phone went off it was the hospital I answered it Dad's Awake.

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